Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Senate Ethics Board Witch Hunting To Hang Senator Pam Roach

"No good deed goes unpunished."

Without any idea what they are looking for....Senate Ethics Board counsel, Mike O'Connel, says he is currently "researching" the past ethics renderings and the state law for what I might have done wrong.

(Yes, Dear Readers....they are on the hunt. And, they intend to find SOMETHING... ANYTHING to punish me.)

But even though his research has not been completed...even though they have not told ME what they think I may have violated....the board has already hired and has sent out a "Mr. Wilson" to interview CPS, DSHS, and Attorney General people that I contacted in the last 11 months trying to help the Stuth family and formulate legislation to correct the wrongs from happening again.

Concepts like "Kangaroo Court"...and "Star Chamber" come to mind.

So as it turns out...Mr. Wilson used to work for the AG. Yes, that is true. So, how unbiased do we think he will be? I had no say in who the interviewer would be. I have not been notified to get an attorney. Mr. W has not spoken to me first so I might give him some direction. And, what do you want to bet I will not have a name with my accusers?

Now Pam Roach will get the same treatment as so many good families have gotten. They want me to have to get a lawyer! They want to find an ethics violation that they know I will have to spend time and money to fight. Just like some of the people that have so persecuted the Stuths (see previous PPR) the Ethics Board has sent out a man with an order: "Find SOMETHING that Roach has done wrong." Lucky Mr. W. He will be paid long as he finds someone to interview... If CPS lied to the court and they did....I wonder what they will say about me!

More on this later. It will be a public lynching. You will read about it here. I will not cower to this intimidation, retribution, waste of taxpayer funds, and political payback. I believe I will give my first speech on this at the rally.

I want everyone to know what is happening. The light of day should shine on this action just like it should shine on CPS violations.


Anonymous said...

Keep going Pam!! Do not let them beat you down.The only thing you have done is expose something very wrong and they have their panties in a bunch! Of course they will lie, lets just hope this guy catches on like the Judge. Keep at it Pam! We stand beside you all the way. It amazes me to hear more and more of these stories everyday.I've actually come across friends and friends of friends that know someone who had this happen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Roach,

I wish the Senate ethics commitee god luck on finding anything.

Agree..waste of our taxpayers dollars.

It is retalliation at its finest!

A suit for slandering your fine reputation does come to mind.Now that would be retalliation.

What's their fear?

Fear of bringing to light the dirty deeds of a department that is in need of oversight and fear of it becoming public knowledge?

Not to worry dear Senator...They will not survive their own public scrutiny.

Trevino said...

Be careful sweetie.

And drop the labels. They ARE
public serpents but where you are
headed with this a pristine display
of ethics will be use full.

You go girl.

Thanks for all u due,


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me! Do they really not have actual work to do? Or are they a division of CPS?! There needs to be an investigation done but it's in DSHS.

Anonymous said...

How many ethics code violations have social workers and their bosses committed? Where is the over site on them??

Anonymous said...

Pam Roach is a champion for victims of protective state agencies who do a poor job of protecting elders, children and the disabled but do a darn good job of ripping family's apart and putting the victims on public assistance!

Anonymous said...

Does the Ethics Board understand what Ethics or State Laws are? If so they need to be looking as to where these violations happened, not Witch hunting the State Senator who follows the code of Ethics and demanded the State uphold their OWN Laws! You go Pam!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, what I don't get Senator, is you saw the road signs and openly declared there are warning signs and mainly asked questions. If there are ethics violations regarding making observations and asking questions, then we are all really in trouble. I think the fact that none of your valid questions were answered and that a child was put at risk because of the coverup, then those who committed these acts should be brought up before an ethics board. I can tell you that the department covers up foster care actions frequently and does not follow "best interest" testing in their actions. It is time that someone took the top off of this Pandora's Box and brought their clear and convincing wrong doings before the general public. I am sick of government hiding everything that they do and turning it around on others. One can always turn it around on them. Why hire an attorney when a private detective would serve you purposes better?
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

I can say from personal experience that speaking out about concerns with the system cost us over $50,000 and we lost our family members. It is sad this is happening to you BUT now you know first hand what us families have experienced! Please don't ever back down, you are an angel! You are in my thoughts and prayers! I will too be at the Rally on the 5th

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this just prove what has been stated all along; that DSHS is so powerful a government agency that they can retaliate and expect to get away with it. If they will try it with you just imagine how the poor parents feel who try to come against them. Is it any wonder the average citizen is so afraid to "tell their story."
It is obvious that you are a fighter and will prevail because it is time for a real win against CPS and the government that protects them so fiercely. I look forward to you first speech tomorrow and I bet it will be a doosey!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting how quickly Mr. O'Connel is addressing this issue for the Senate Ethics Board!
Sure seems strange, apparently he doesn't have anything else to do. If the roles were reversed and a parent was trying to get an investigation about CPS, how many of those people (who seem to have nothing else to do)
would drop everything to rush to the aid of the complaining parents? I believe the correct answer would be NO ONE.
Mr. O'Connel and those like him need to turn their attention on CPS, DSHS, and the courts and get to the bottom of all the unfair ethics practices used against parents and family and leave you alone. I have no doubt you will emerge victorious from this blatant attempt to ruin your good work and compassion for the truly abused in your state. If retaliation is their issue seems you will also have a laws suit.
You are the Hero to the people who have been abused by CPS and they can not take that away from you!

Anonymous said...

Pam, Hang in there. You are doing what is Honorable and True. Thank you for all of your work and sacrifice on behalf of families nationwide.
Know that Thousands of people support you, and will help in any way we can.
May God Bless you and grant you wisdom, peace, and Victory over your enemies.
Blessings & Love,
Rev. McCovery

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Roach I came across your story randomly on a news site when I became intrigued over the Stuth Case. I wish the Representatives in my state were as dedicated as you are. Maybe my state would not be having the problems it currently does. I hope that this witch hunt ends in your favor. God bless you and the good work you've done so far.

-A Lady In Tennessee

Anonymous said...

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.": Gandhi

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" George Orwell

Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them Eph 5:11

"...the man who really counts in the world is the doer, not the mere critic-the man who actually does the work, even if roughly and imperfectly, not the man who only talks or writes about how it ought to be done." (1891) Theodore Roosevelt

Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds. -- Albert Einstein

~ Kathleen Dearinger
Families Unite 4 Childrens Rights

Auntie Lela said...

To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right. -Confucius

My purpose for writing this is not to paint foster parents as villains. In most cases they are the opposite. Foster parents our very important and should be looked at with high regards and respect by society.
They are there to provide temporary love, support and a family like atmosphere when children are taking away from their biological parents. And at times, the best place for the child to remain permanetly if reunification does not take place with their biological parents should be with the foster parents through legal adoption.
But foster parents should not fight the child’s family when the family has jumped through every hoop required by the State for proper placement especially when the State Adoptions itself recommend the placement with family.
If I may address the “foster parents” of my nephew:
First I would say thank you, thank you for having a heart for children. Being a “foster parent” is a difficult job to say the least. But my thank you ceases there. I find it terribly difficult to praise “foster parents” who would fight a very loving, very qualified and very dedicated family for the return of our beloved family member. Our nephew is very much missed by eight aunts and uncles, ten cousins, two siblings and numerous extended family members. All who did nothing to deserve for him to be taken from us.

We have been there for him since before birth. We anxiously awaited his arrival and were ecstatic to see him take his first breath of this earth. When CPS took him from his biological parents we ALL stepped up and made it very clear we are his family and we want him to be returned to us. You were aware that we have always been here, you met us, we sent pictures of him and his cousins. We provided clothes, toys, valuable family medical information, prayers, support, love and never ending desire to have him remain in the family God blessed him with.

And yet, for your own selfish reasons you did not do what “foster parents” are inteneded to do. You did not promote reunification; you did not care more for this child and his immeasurable love from his family. You cared only for yourselves. You were given proof the State Cleared and even recommends permanent placement to be given to his maternal aunt and uncle and still you fought. You attended court date after court dates where you first handed saw his family love and dedication to him and still you fought. You were aware of his biological parents’ wishes and signed designated relinquishment for him to be placed with his maternal aunt and uncle and still you fought.

This fight by you cannot be seen as heroic or you are doing this for the best interest for the child. It could only be seen as organized kidnapping. You should be seen for the villains you are, not heroic “foster parents” it’s quit unreasonable for the foster parents to fight this child you claim to love family and create this acrimonious atmosphere between yourselves and this child’s biological family. This is not a child who has no suitable family to provide permanency for him.

If that were the case then you should be commended to want to provide a loving home and family for a child where there isn’t one. But this has never been the case. You should be ashamed for doing everything in your power to attempt to take a very much loved and wanted member from a family.

All I am left to say is if you are successful, if the Judge determines our nephew is to remain with you, this will come back to bite you, regardless of the outcome. This child will be an adult longer than he is a child, he will learn the truth, and he will be shown the sacrifices happily made by his biological family to keep him with us. And he will see how you kidnapped him. His family will not be erased, his DNA will not be changed and his forever bond with our family will not be stolen forever.

Our family’s hearts are right, we love Baby R. and we want him to remain where God intended for him to be, with our family, with HIS family.
You do not have to be a parent to shudder at the word kidnapping nor do you have to be a parent to feel the pain of the loss of a child. All you need is to have a relationship with a child to know the forever ache of the mere thought of them to be taken from you. I am a parent, a proud mother of two.
I am currently experiencing and grieving a kidnapping in my family today but not of my own biological children a kidnapping of my blood related nephew. This kidnapping did not initiate the Amber Alert, the police are not searching for a criminal, and there will be no court date to see the person responsible for taking my nephew be found guilty. This story may sound like a bad Lifetime movie plot but this unfortunately is my reality, but the kidnappers in my Lifetime story are hidden and protected under the guise of “foster parent.”
My nephew was taking from his biological parents and placed into foster care in November 2007. Since that date, my sister and I have made it very clear that we love our nephew and both sought to have him placed with us. Child Protective Services (CPS) prolonged the case and placed our nephew with a foster family that have already adopted a number of foster children.
My sister was cleared by California State Adoptions for permanent placement of our two year old nephew; she and her husband were also named as defacto parent. The foster parents knew our families request and intent to have our nephew remain in our family and they not only fought us but hired their own attorney. The foster parents frustrated visitation with our family, and they unsuccessfully attempted to get a restraining order on our nephew’s biological mother. Moreover, they have done everything in there power to keep the extended biological family out of his life.
My sister and I have entered into an unbridled war with the foster parents for our nephew to remain with his biological family. His biological parents signed a legal designated relinquishment to severe there rights of their son to be specifically placed with his maternal aunt and uncle. The foster parents still would not cease in there efforts to thwart his reunification with his biological family.
Today, the only thing standing in his way of being returned to his biological loving and highly committed family is the foster parents desire to adopt him. California State Adoptions has done a complete investigation of the maternal aunt and uncle and highly recommends permanent placement and adoption by the maternal aunt and uncle. These are not foster parents who desire to help a child who does not have love or family ties; these are foster parents who out of there own selfish wishes are fighting to keep him.
This situation is not one where family did not make there presence and wishes for the child known to the child’s foster parents until the eleventh hour. The foster parents knew our families intent the entire time, and they still selfishly sought the child. These specific foster parents should be ashamed of their lack of compassion and there intent to keep this child from his natural biological family. This act by the foster parents is not praiseworthy and should not be commended; it is without a doubt malicious. They are attempting to take this child from his family who has done nothing but show love, support and the desire to have him remain in their family. The foster parents are trying to adopt a child that should not be adopted as he has a very supportive and State Approved natural family that wants him.
In the next few weeks the fate of my nephew will be decided by a Crescent City Judge. Our two year old nephew will either be permitted to be adopted as requested by his biological parents and as recommended by California State Adoptions by his maternal aunt and uncle. Or he will be left with his foster parents to be adopted. Unfortunately if the latter is to happen this case will not end there, there will be an appeal filed by our family immediately.
Baby R.’s proud Maternal Aunt Lisa