Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pam Roach Plan Would Save Lives...Place Released Sex Offenders In Industrial Areas

Sex offenders eventually get out of prison. When they do...they should not go to neighborhoods or be vagrants lurking under bridges.

Please cut and paste to see Pam Roach and others in the KING 5 news coverage prompted by the murder of a 13 year old Vancouver girl walking home through a field.
(This is the correct link. Please copy and paste.)

We need better GPS monitoring. Parents need to be ever vigilant. Sex predators should be kept in prison as long as possible. When they are released they should go to industrial areas, not neighborhoods!

I have been pushing this idea for a couple of years now. Government already owns the buildings. They can, as has been done under my suggestion in King County, convert industrial property to sex predator housing and relocate government workers to other offices.

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CCTillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

I agree. These offenders should be placed in such an area as you suggest.

Do we need to wait until next legislative session to get something like this passed into law?


CC Tillett