Tuesday, February 24, 2009

King County Assessor's Actions Add Up To Vehicular Assault...Why Was The Press 30 Days Late In Reporting It?

Tonight's news reported Russell "Scott" Noble on January 19th was driving drunk, southbound in a northbound lane. At a high rate of speed he went headlight to headlight with a car occupied by two individuals. All three spent several weeks in the hospital.

QUESTION?...Why did it take one month to report it? Why did the Seattle press hold this information? They haunt the halls of King County government and...the press routinely goes over traffic accident reports. There is no way they did not see this!

This "accident" (drunk crash) held up four lanes of traffic at 3 AM.

Coddling a drunk Democrat two weeks before a countywide election?

Why didn't the State Patrol let us know?

It ranks up there with the 14 year-old who weighted 47 pounds after being held captive by her sicko parents....it was two months before it was reported.

Let's bet he does what former State Supreme Court Justice Bobbe Bridge did when caught drunk driving. He will not resign. He will fill out his term. Let's hope it is from a jail cell!


Anonymous said...

Alcoholism is a HUGE problem with both elected and various state officials/employees. How is that addressed or is it? Is there a plan in place to address addiction within legislative bodies?
I attended a training once for family treatment court down in San Diego a few years ago. A prominent non-profit paid for the trip and many judges, elected officials, leaders in the court appointed attorneys offices, CPS, high ranking elected officials etc. and to tell you the truth, I would have put at least 3-4 of them in inpatient treatment and 5-6 in outpatient. After spending the day looking at agencies, they wanted to get together and discuss their findings. Where did they want to go? The bar of course. Two of them would get so drunk that they couldn't hardly walk out of the bar. Others were late stage and could "hold their liquor" but had extremely high tolerance. A strong indicator of a problem.
As they were sitting there talking about "other people's problems" I couldn't help but wonder about their ability to write and enforce laws if their own lives were such a mess. Its no wonder we have a problem with budget. There are a bunch of addicts running the country.
Will remain anonymous on this one.

CCTillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

I have to agree that 7 days is much to long before it was reported to the public. It doesn't pass the sniff test, nor does it take more than 24 hours to get identification verified.

Your conclusion and suspicions are obvious to the naked eye. I would like to know why it took 7 days to report this.

As an elected official he is held to a higher level of accountability. That comes without saying!

I hope that there will be punishment for him. However,I fear that he may get off easily, as the judge did some years ago.

I am a survivior of a drunk driving accident. A broken back and shoulder. The pain is a daily reminder..

You do the crime..you do the time.

Let's see if he takes responsibility for his actions. Then we will see what kind of a man he really is.