Sunday, February 22, 2009

Plant A Fruit Tree...Someone Will Thank You

Jim just bought two walnut trees and planted them. Neither of us will ever eat their fruit because we will be dead by then!

This was a gift to the future.

I have doorbelled thousands and thousands of homes and have noticed only a few front yard fruit trees. With the small backyards of growth management I would expect to see land used more productively in the front.

Ornamentals and natural growth are great but their preference has been a mystery. Our yard is full of natural northwest undercover...trees, ferns, etc. But, we also dabble in agriculture. We try to pass that on as it was given to us.

The kids planted peas and onion sets this weekend. The chicks will be here in early March. My grown sons are selecting their giant pumpkin seeds right now. It is a guy thing...pumpkin competition.

Of course, in our family it will be Melanie lifting the giant pumpkins onto the truck!

Please post your food gardening ideas here. How do you have a garden in an apartment, your kitchen window, elevated boxes, tires, or traditional plot? How do you involve the family? I will get some pictures and document our garden. It should be a fun summer!


infinite freedom said...

I planted two Italian Plumb trees in my front yard in Cumberland about 6 years ago. I haven't had much luck with them yet because the trees I got had sat in the pot without being planted for too long. I still love Italian plumbs. But I would recommend getting the trees from somewhere other than a nursery where they have been sitting. If you have good trees, they are very prolific.

So far, we have had the best luck with pole beans and carrots. Carrots are wonderful because you can dig some just before you eat them. But they do not have to be pulled at any one time. And they pretty much grow themselves. Wish I could grow asparagus. That is one thing we love to eat.

Anonymous said...

I planted a variey of potatoes in a raised bed covered with straw. I found the idea in an organic gardening magazine years ago and was very pleased with the outcome. A couple were so big it only took one to make mashed potatoes for my whole family.

I saw an apple tree on a small patio growing flat against the fence. It very decorative and productive.