Tuesday, February 24, 2009

President Obama Said Something I Have Never Heard A Democrat Say

For years I have been saying it.

Now that I am on the Senate Education Committee I have purposefully mentioned it many times publicly.

Sometimes educators and liberals will list all the important things that contribute to a child's education but they NEVER say what President Obama did in tonight's Joint Session of Congress.


I have never heard a Democrat say this! This was the single most important message of the night.


Anonymous said...

I really liked the things I heard from him last night,but it's the delivery of change I am waiting for. Education and Health care should be on top of the list and I hope he follows through with what was said! Maybe he is just what we need.

infinite freedom said...

Touche Senator!! And in this light, cps doesn't even acknowledge that family should have the capacity to be involved with education. It is a liberal dagger in our hearts. Let us "help" you they say.

The importance of family is simply pushed aside, and the "state" takes over.

God save our families now.

You are right, but child abuse prevention should begin at home as well.

Please God, give us our families back.

infinite freedom said...

Senator, I just wanted to add. This gets to the heart of the problem. I was told that I could not care for my children. I was not allowed to even provide clothing for them. & when I tried to do what was natural for a parent to do, I was further beaten down for it. It is more than having a child physically removed from your home. Social workers do everything possible to destroy the abilities of the families to function as a family. And they are highly successful at this. I can tell you right now, this is a systematic destruction of the very thing that aught to be held most sacred.

You get what you put your focus on. If you put your focus on the destruction of families, that is what you get.

Why can we not put our focus on strengthening families?

Why can we not learn a better way?

Families need rights. Families need to be able to be families.