Friday, February 27, 2009

Ethics Board Poised To Quash Ability Of 147 Legislators To Report CPS Wrongdoings

Please note if you have linked here from the TNT that Tacoma News Tribune reporter, Joseph Turner, is doing another gratuitous bashing of me and now my blog. This blog is a place for statements by the author, comments on my own family, and adventures. It is beyond me why a reporter would criticize my willingness to be open. Please see:
Mr. Turner is a known Pam Roach detractor. The story here is that I challenged the system and won. Now, some want to punish me for that. They won't be able to do that. If Mr. Turner had any integrity he would investigate CPS and help straighten a system. The TNT is the best paper in the state. It does report about CPS abuse. Mr. Turner, why don't you spend your time trying to expose corruption rather than crucify someone who is? I have pledged to open government, something I think a good reporter would praise. Instead you want to intimidate. You are just part of the pack Joe.

One hundred and forty-seven legislators will be affected by the decision of the Senate Ethics Board. Each of us are asked from time to time for help from our constituency. Board decisions affect all of us. Can you imagine a board like this shutting down legislative review with a stroke of the pen...without a trial...hearing...or word from the body???

Will the entire legislative branch have to prove motives, submit everything in writing, be kept from exposing the lies and deceit that exists in the unrestrained areas of government?

When the "proved to be troubled" foster woman in the Stuth case (let's not forget here that this woman was touted by CPS as just being wonderful...they were wrong...I was right) filed an ethics complaint against me, she was coached to do so.

Who coached her? Someone or some entity that knew an ethics board even existed. And, someone who knew I was even writing a blog. I am guessing either a CPS worker or the evil CASA who railed against me in court when I showed an interest in the Stuth case and then quickly bowed out as soon as the press entered the picture. (He figured he could hoodwink judges but not me and Susannah Frame together.)

(Remember PRR readers...the CASA was an out-of-state attorney who is not a member of the WA bar. He was up here volunteering. He made his fortune in CA moving children in Marin County. I think he must have come up here to bad-mouth the Stuths, lie to them saying a judge had ordered them not to see their granddaughter, and promote a woman with "social" problems so bad that the children were removed. (He wanted to find a family just like the Stuths...troubled teen mother, not wealthy, healthy child around 3 years of age....)

I believe in open government. I believe in helping children and families.

More later on this setup to remove legislators from CPS oversight.


Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Roach,

You're kidding ..right?

Who are the "They" trying to remove legislatures from DSHS oversight?

Time to organize the phone lines again. Massive calls to..??

We can and will make sure that this does not and will not happen.

Please be in contact with the specifics. Ask and it shall be done.

Anonymous said...

I have been the recipient of a few miracles in my life so I know the power of God. It is becoming clear to me that the only way to combat some of the issues that are presenting themselves is a full scale, Holy Ghost apostolic style miracle working movement across this nation. How could I have been asleep for so long through the political insanity that was building? I guess I never really believed that the heart of man could get as sick as it is. Like so many others, I trusted my government. At least for the most part. I believed that somehow, we had become more sophisticated and mature through education and enlightenment. I was wrong.
Its a good thing I was sitting down when I read this. I have lost my country and my freedom. I don't know what to do. I am just sick beyond words and my heart is heavy.
Jan Smith

infinite freedom said...

Why can't we investigate the careers of some of these people. Like the casa in my case. He never worked. He did get paid for working though. If we were to fallow his "clients", who are in reality victims, we would discover a trail of fraud and devistatingly, and wrongly destroyed families.

When will we learn that when we eliminate fraud, the cost savings is in lives, and money?

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching Larry King Live where a Representative and even the Secretary of State involved themselves with trying to help a father get custody of his child who was taken out of the country; just trying to make sure the Hague treaty was enforced. Why is this okay and on a state level it is not okay? Just trying to make sure the state laws are enforced with making sure biological families are given priority first before a foster family which certainly has been violated long before the Stuth case.