Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Skagit County CPS Office Right In The Groove With Misdeeds...DSHS Head Randy Hart Does Not Return My Call



DSHS head Robin Arnold Williams leaves her position right before the scathing January report of DSHS woes is released by the ombudsman, Mary Meining.

Randy Hart becomes the new DSHS Secretary. We talk and he assures me that he, too, wants accountability in CPS. He had been the head of the Skagit County office before his promotion.

Skagit County, WA right before Christmas: Little three-year-old Lilly and her grandma go to CPS in Mt Vernon at the behest of a social worker. The goal is ostensibly to complete an adoption by the grandmother and grandfather of little Lilly whom they have raised since birth. Their daughter (with drug issues) had terminated parental rights with the understanding that her parents would have Lilly.

CPS had then...lured Grandma and Lilly to their offices by offering Christmas presents to Lilly and to Grandma they would give an interview necessary to proceed with adoption. With Lilly receiving presents down the hall...Grandma (44) is escorted to a room and told, "You will never see your granddaughter again."


Lilly, who was immediately swept away ...without a goodbye!!!...is put in foster care. She does get to visit Grandma. Shows up smelling so badly that even the social worker stands at a distance. She has lost weight. Her hair is snarled and matted.

The child is seen rocking back and forth in her car seat being told if she cries she will not be able to see Grandma. No comfort here...just threats!!! These vile jerks know nothing about children!!! They have no hearts. Mental cruelty is something only other people commit.

The grandmother is not told of important court proceedings by CPS. She finds out from a friend and shows up despite the very purposeful "non-invite" by the department. Proceeding in secrecy, the department decides to move quickly to take the child.

Social worker lies in report to the court. Among other things he claims the grandparents have stolen a computer from Swedish Hospital. (There was no police report but he reports this!) The computer was actually given to the grandparents by DSHS! It is not a matter of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. The social worker just made up the story to then tell the judge the grandparents are unfit!!! The report to the judge still says they are thieves! Why aren't they being charged with lying to the judge???

The lying social worker's report to judge claims the grandparent's home has no heat! Who the heck would believe that???? The house has a wood stove and baseboard electric heating.

The Social worker has NEVER BEEN IN THE HOUSE and makes these outrageous claims!

Grandparents who are both employed at modest incomes are forced to get a lawyer. They are now being spent down. It is part of CPS's plan to discourage them...to make them give up...to break them while they fight for their baby.

Last week the department set up a meeting with the grandparents and their two lawyers. The attorneys drove to Skagit County from Seattle ($$$$$$$$$$$) and the grandparents took the ferry from the islands($)and time off of work ($$)to make the meeting. And...DSHS did not show up! No call. No explanation.....The social worker did not show up...left everyone waiting...$$$$$$. NEVER SHOWING UP

Yesterday morning I called Randy Hart and left a message describing to the aide the issues of the child's condition...threatening a 3 year-old with no visit if she cried...the NO SHOW CPS worker....the false accusation about theft of a computer...the lie about having no heat in the house...the fact that the lies in the report still lay on the judge's desk!

HE DOES NOT RETURN THE CALL. Mr. Hart: I regard myself as a whistle blower. Have you no time for that? What do you do when employees connive to get a child? You said you wanted accountability. Is the Skagit County social worker who told the judge the family has stolen a computer an old friend of yours? You know...from when you recently worked out of that office? Is this the kind of activity you condoned up there as the supervisor?

Little known fact: The department is now saying it wants to work toward reunifying the mother with Lilly! They are doing the same thing they did with the Stuths! Bank on the mother having "issues" and hoping she fails so they can place the child in foster adopt. They will minimize visits with the grandparents so they can claim Lilly no longer remembers them. They will claim the only place to place the child after the mother messes up is with the foster person. WE ALL KNOW THE GIG.



Anonymous said...

Its a bit of a drive, but this makes me so mad I could spit fire. I am down for picketing the CPS office. Anyone want to join me? I have no problem going by myself.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

And Randy Hart is married to who???? That says it all. What are his qualificatons?

Anonymous said...

Just found a note from 2001 where the social worker told my son if I made any complaints it would be longer before he came home. This was after the police confiscated drugs from the placement. He gave them the one finger salute and took a bus home! The next two kids followed. My daughter was adopted out to strangers. She left me a message last summer! They are about to get the fourth one finger salute from my fourth child victim. Kids do not like liars and no family replaces the one they love ,ever. Expecting her home soon and the lives of the people that have been collecting the special needs bullshit! excuse my language subdisy will probably be foreclosed on. Yep they had 2 florcloursures and a bankruptcy before they passed the home study. then have refinanced every 2 years since the adoption. Oh and now with out a quit claim the wife is no longer on the mortgage. The husband some how bought the house back at a trustee sale with out his wife! This is place for my daughter! They made me poor but they will never take the morals away from my daughters first 7 years of life. I wish I would have known about the Republican meeting. I know Lois and am saddened to hear about her condition. She was the only one that showed up to help my sons.

Anonymous said...

I just hate it when you leave us hanging Senator!

Give it up already!

Anonymous said...

I am going to head up to Skagit County perhaps as early as next week. Of interest, the area manager for Skagit is the same one that runs Colville. I was surprised about that. We may need to center on getting rid of the dead and clearly toxic weight in area and regional managers. The area manager's name is Laurie Alexander and the regional is Yen Lawlol or something like that. I believe there may be a connection with the problems that exist in both places.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

So, those from Colville may want to join me. I am going to picket for the firing of Laurie Alexander in particular. Yen may be fairly new to that position. Her name will be on the picket signs.

infinite freedom said...

97% of cases are hurting children and families in this very same way in Washington State.

When will we learn that the social workers will never be able to help anyone?

I am for E2SSB5943. Because it takes the power out of the hands of the social workers. Who are, in all pure honesty, evil. The only one they see is their beloved bureaucracy! We need the children, and the families to have a chance to tell their side. The truth, without being plowed under by a social worker!! We need to matter!! As of today we have nothing. No voice, no rights, no power to speak our truths, nothing!!

But Senator, we have got to keep talking!! they are starting to see us. And without accountability, things will never get better. I only pray that we will all continue the fight.

-infinite freedom (is when you continue the fight for it!)

Anonymous said...

I will drive there too!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am planning on going up there to picket on Friday.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

So picketing Skagit County DSHS Office on April 3rd? Is that correct? We will be there.....

Anonymous said...

I battled Laurie Alexander in Bellingham. They cleaned house and we were finally making headway on a ten year case involving our grandson. It took four drug/heroin trafficking felonies and a reckless endangerment with our daughter throwing 500-1000 huge heroin needles in the ditch. There is no needle exchange for the ones typically used on livestock. Then CPS brought the estranged 20 year drugie, brain injured father in, sending the child to Island county for supervised visitation with him. When the child was not returned to us over support issues, it was all of a sudden out of their jusridisction. Police in Island County wanted to take the child out of the father's home due to filth alone, but can't find him. Jim Miller at Island county CPS said " no kid at home, no abuse in the home", and refused to call Bellingham or look at the file. Four calls and no report. He probably talked to Laurie, she knows our names, he said oh this is about "first name, last name". Off to the ombudsman again.