Wednesday, March 11, 2009

KING5 Coverage Shown To The Senate Republican Caucus

I asked for a few minutes to show the KING5 coverage of the Stuth story to the Senate Republican Caucus. Many of our members do not live in the Seattle television market so did not see the drama of the reunion of Doug and Annmarie Stuth and their granddaughter. CPS abuse is an important issue and everyone was very attentive.

I was given enough time to expand upon the story. Some chimed in with their stories. Remember, everyone who has been in the legislature for any length of time has had some horror case from the department.

In the end I was given a rare ovation, a nice compliment for the work done.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so happy about that! I have been worried about you. Often, elected officials get thrown to the wolves when they make a stand on issues like this. You are a rare flower. Thank you for having the strengh and moxy to make a difference.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...


infinite freedom said...

Senator, I do hope that they heed your advice on this. As there is absolutely no oversight, on something that has gone so horribly wrong, we can not afford to pass CPS reform, and then let it be filled with corruption and fraud again due to no oversight.

As I have said before, I will never stop fighting for what is right. & there is so much to be done.

morrisonterry said...

Here is Washington Law that they do not obey.
Here is RCW 13.50.010
Definitions — Conditions when filing petition or information — Duties to maintain accurate records and access.

(1) For purposes of this chapter:

(a) "Juvenile justice or care agency" means any of the following: Police, diversion units, court, prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, detention center, attorney general, the legislative children's oversight committee, the office of [the] family and children's ombudsman, the department of social and health services and its contracting agencies, schools; persons or public or private agencies having children committed to their custody; and any placement oversight committee created under RCW 72.05.415;

(b) "Official juvenile court file" means the legal file of the juvenile court containing the petition or information, motions, memorandums, briefs, findings of the court, and court orders;

(c) "Records" means the official juvenile court file, the social file, and records of any other juvenile justice or care agency in the case;

(d) "Social file" means the juvenile court file containing the records and reports of the probation counselor.

(2) Each petition or information filed with the court may include only one juvenile and each petition or information shall be filed under a separate docket number. The social file shall be filed separately from the official juvenile court file.

(3) It is the duty of any juvenile justice or care agency to maintain accurate records. To this end:

(a) The agency may never knowingly record inaccurate information. Any information in records maintained by the department of social and health services relating to a petition filed pursuant to chapter 13.34 RCW that is found by the court to be false or inaccurate shall be corrected or expunged from such records by the agency;

helmsman said...

Again - thank you so much for having COURAGE. I wish it would spread south...
Yesterday - I was meeting with DHS officials in Salem OR - and it is so discouraging...
I am currently BANNED from my grandchildren till AUG 09 - and have been since AUG 08. DHS gives a "song and dance" around why - I passed the DHS funded psyche exam - scored very low on being a "danger to the chilren" - yet DHS cites this exam as the excuse why I am "ruled out" ... quote: "why would we pay for an exam and then not follow its recommendation?" I read the results and saw nothing damaging - as did the CASA worker who told me on the phone last summer that there was nothing damaging in the results.
It has been 2 years since my grandsons were taken. I have no idea where they are / I have heard they are separated ... the last home I knew of - DHS had placed them with Mormons....

cctillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

Our organization will stand behind you..for your are the seeker of truth and you shall prevail..the truth shall set you free.

Know for a fact that you are appreciated for the work that you do!

God Bless and God Speed Senator Roach!

CC Tillett
Washington Families United
Child and Family Advocate