Monday, March 30, 2009

Phone Conversation With DSHS Head Randy Hart...He Was More Concerned With The Leak In His Department Than Lilly's Wellness

We manned the phones. Randy had the speaker on and told me there were others in the room.

I "staffed up" by going to speaker and pulling my witnesses around me.

Head to head. DSHS Secretary Randy Hart in one corner....Senator Pam Roach in the other.

The first round was the only one. We went at it for ten minutes.


Hart said there would be a letter of apology sent to Lilly's grandparents and the report to the judge would be changed. He did agree that they did not steal a coomputer from Swedish Hospital as the lying social worker had reported.

"Well, that's not enough!" I said. "And, I reported this to you over a month ago and yet you have not taken it out of the report that sits on the judge's desk. You have lied about these people many times over!"

I gave many examples and told him about the blisters, etc. "You have damaged this little girl." (Please see yesterday's PRR. That is what I had to say to him.)

I told him there was nothing that these fine people had done wrong and that he needed to follow the law.

Mr. Hart was not happy to hear of the comment sent to PRR by DSHS Person X. I told him it was verbatim in this blog. He didn't like the leak....DSHS Person X....don't worry. He won't fire you. There is no correcting of anyone. So...go ahead and find more little children for the rest of your friends. How many requests come in to you each week? Three...four? Do you get paid on the side? Or, are these just little favors you have for a network of "your people?"

So, Person X was probably in the room. I am guessing "X" is female.

It was a long conversation. He knows I will not back down. He knows his department has been wrong. There was so much more but no time to share the information with you.

PS: We will have a hearing in Olympia on "CPS Abuse." Stayed tuned.


CC Tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

I hope Madame X was in the room and I hope she squirmed plenty.

If the Department does not like their dirty way of doing business aired...they should clean it up!

The more they dabble in doing dirty business the more they are going to be exposed. What part of that Mr. Hart don't you get?

I bet they have a heart attack when they hear Seanator Roach's office is on the phone..Love to be a fly on the wall for that!

Another job well done Senator. I am sending you a big hug!

CC Tillett

infinite freedom said...

Senator, this is only one child.

And I can tell you that they are almost all like Lilly. My Dylan is far, far worse.

And the only thing that the department cares about is itself. Inhumanly cruel, yes, but our society is letting them do it.

So let's not let them do it anymore.

signed infinite freedom (mommy loves you Dylan)...

Anonymous said...

Any updates on the apology letter or the contact to Judge to set the record straight?