Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stuth Family TV Yields Coalescing Of Citizens

(Session activities have made it hard to make blog time. I have to admit that it is harder than I thought it would be to blog during session.)

Update on CPS interests
After the KING5 exposure there was a flurry of contact by citizens looking for a central location to air CPS grievances. It is impossible to field all of that. The effort should be to organize it.

The president of the foster parents of WA and his wife visited. I thought they would take umbrage because of some of my comments. But, that was not the case. They are in total agreement regarding the problems at CPS. They are allies...just coming from a different venue.

I then met with our "Families First" group together with the state foster parents leaders. We listed several action items. Joint leadership will bring added clout.

(Interesting that the foster parents have the same problems with CPS. They suffer from disrespect and retribution at the hands of the department just as the birth families. Here we see the department is, again, consistent. They can't respect anyone!)

That stands to reason really. If CPS can't get it right when dealing with families and children...what sense of logic would there be if they actually worked with respect for foster parents?

Fortunately, there is a growing interest among legislators. More exposure to CPS abuses through citizen complaints and the press has helped. Both the governor and the attorney general have the direct power to step in and clean up this agency. There are political issues of money, jobs, and power to move children that make it easier to ignore rather than address the abuses. Sadly, as I watched the AG's office, they just joined in the pile on.

Victims also visited. The father of a teenager who died at the hands of a foster care provider came to visit me. He was helpless as the department failed to hear his warnings. Now his son is dead. There was an award in the millions. It was reported in the Seattle Times in December. The state continues to harass him. They love their whip, don't they? (PRR will report on this soon.)


Anonymous said...

I have been working off and on with a foster family advocate in Arizona who also is "working for both sides of the fence." We often see fosters as enemies but they are often victims same as everyone else. They are warehousers for the state and nothing more. They help the state achieve their objectives.
I personally believe that the governor will never support our efforts and will need to be pressured to listen to our side of the story. Attorney Generals can't possibly have a shred of ethics in much of anything. How could they? They work for the state covering their butt every time they violate our Constitutional rights or someone in state employ commits a crime against the community. The two make quite a pair in their family hostile venue.
Yet, AGs always use the fact that they were AGs to gain votes in other positions. I don't get that one at all. I would never vote for a former AG. Never. I really grieved when Gregoire got re-elected. I knew the People were in real trouble as it pertains to parental and extended family rights and CPS.

morrisonterry said...

During CASA's negative add campaign against Gregoire I mistakenly thought she would be sympathetic to family's. What is needed is people like Pam Roach or Claudia Schaefer to be elected to higher offices. Lovingfitfather.

infinite freedom said...

Everyone is a victim. I try to tell the Washington State Legislature this. The social workers put the kids in harms way. I know one thing, they destroy lives. There are seventy thousand dependent in Washington State. 18-22 thousand get taken from their families every year. Forty thousand are orphaned, yes, in Washington State.

Does that sound like a number derived from abuse of children, or of corruption and fraud by social workers, casas, and FPS workers. There is so much fraud in this system. I only hope that they pass 5943 & the kids can get some immediate relief from social workers. And next year, I will get some prevention. We will never get anywhere chasing symptoms with an army of corrupt social workers.

I only just started fighting a couple of months ago. But I will never, ever stop.

Anonymous said...

I was divorced from by batterer, who has been diagnosed with a serious mental disorder...years spent married to him was full of beatings and marital rape.

At the time of our divorce, the corrupted Judge and Guardian Ad Litem never allowed my evidence against him to prove he was a danger to my sons to be entered, and handed my sons over to him.

Since the divorce, I as well as Mary Bridge Hospital and others have called the Pierce County CPS. With warning, we stressed to them to not let their father know that they were talking to them, because the father and his wife tell my sons that if they say what goes on they will get punished. Yet, every single time, they let their dad know and my sons get beatings and yelled at after the social worker leaves.

The last time CPS was involved and repeated the same dangerous mistake of letting their dad know, they told their father that I was the one that called them, and my sons were bent over their dad's knee and belted 20 times for talking to me.

The following Monday morning, I contacted the social worker and I angrily told her of her mistake and I told her what happened to my sons because of her error in judgment. Her only response was, "Ms. ____, you do know that if you call again, we can report that you made a false statement. If parents make false statements, they risk getting any contact with their children."

Fear gripped my entire being and I shut my mouth immediately, as I was scared that if I made any more remarks what so ever, that would be the end of all contact with my sons. Which would not only prevent me from being able to know how they are being treated, but it would destroy the most precious gift that my sons and I have left to enjoy....spending time bonding together.

Meanwhile, until I can find help to get CPS to re-open our case, be diligent and pro-active at listening to my sons, and do so with the safety and well being of my sons of being their top concern, my sons still live with our abuser and suffer abuse and neglect daily.

Please, never give up fighting for us protective and loving parents and our children, until the entire government of Washington state gives in and ceases their abuse of power and control.

I am proud and honored that you and Nancy Shafer are courageous enough to expose the truth behind CPS! Please, keep fighting so that no protective parent or innocent child will ever have to suffer again!

I am a feminist mother. I would be so thrilled if you both were our next elected Presidents. I am sure that with very little effort, you two would be ready by next term. Talk about the greatest dream come true!!!!

Thank you so much!
The Protective Mom