Friday, March 13, 2009

Sen. Roach Speaks In Spanish To Hundreds In Washington's Hispanic Community

Today was the annual Latino Day in the capitol rotunda and I decided to give my speech in Spanish this year. OK. It was gutsy. But, it was also Friday and the day after cut-off so I felt like a change of pace and some fun.

My aide, Arron, speaks Spanish and translated the speech I wrote a few days ago. I had to practice a bit but I had a blast and I think it went well. My message was applauded a couple of times during the presentation...which at least let me know I was understood!

My Message: I am promoting teaching Chinese and Spanish in the primary grades because it is important to begin language instruction when a student is young. I also mentioned my efforts in Honduras.

Son, Representative Dan Roach, spoke at an earlier meeting. He spoke without notes. Fluent in Spanish, I have suggested that he be an emissary to the Hispanic Community representing Republicans. I think he and I were the only Republicans to speak today. The governor was there and her representative spoke. The Lt. Gov. spoke (after me :o), and the Speaker of the House also spoke. Then there was Dan and Pam! I didn't tell Dan...but I was given a T-shirt! Yo te amo, Daniel!

Adios y Abrazos,

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infinite freedom said...

I think that it is an important message. There are so many words in the English language who's definitions get distorted over time. Tolerance is a big one. Today is is taken to mean begrudgingly accept. The true meaning is to learn an appreciation.

The importance of your message is that you are celebrating our appreciations for each other.

Children do this naturally anyway. And God knows that children are so much smarter than adults sometimes!!

I would say something in Spanish, but my translator is in school right now!