Saturday, March 28, 2009

Personal Attacks VS Debate...Defenders Of DSHS Take Things So Personally...Lighten Up And Defend Polices With Facts

All said in good spirit here...

All you defenders of the status quo at DSHS. You have to get off the Kool-Aide!

See the KING5 reports for which I have so kindly provided links in this blog.

Read the Ombudsman's Report on CPS. Hello. Don't send anything more unless you can quote something good about CPS out of that report. You have it. Have you read it? I want to teach you how to debate. You need to face the issues straight on. If I say that lying about the theft of a computer is bad...then you tell me why it is NOT bad. Get it? You don't talk about warm, fuzzy things that have nothing to do with anything.

Read the PPR where I report on my meeting with our state's premiere foster parent leaders. They agree with me. And, CPS plays God over them too.

Recollect how just three months ago Secretary Robin Arnold-Williams and CPS Asst. Sec. Cheryl Steponme were relieved of duty.

Note how the House of Representatives passed out my original idea of 18 years ago to break up DSHS. (I am just one among dozens of legislators who view this agency as a disaster!)

Please know this. As a grandmother of 10 and soon to be 13, as the director of a non-profit about to lead a delegation of optometrists to Honduras, as a State Senator, etc.etc. ....I really only spend my time on what I deem to be important.

Gotta go now. Jim's birthday party is tomorrow. I bought him a carrot cake at Wagoner's in Olympia. It is decorated with a gentleman farmer standing in a field of carrots! It is very cool...I am practicing my guitar again so have to put in the time...have to tidy the house as we have four kids with spouses and 8 grand kids (locally) coming over! Stew...tossed salad...strawberries and bananas in Jello...garlic bread...Costco Mango Peach Salsa with chips...

See....I am no different than anyone else. I have a family. I have a voice. I love my country and my son, John who is serving in Qatar. I do not, ever, apologise for my passion. It is passion that gets you elected to office. It is passion that drives you to work for good people like the Stuths. I am so blessed and I know that comes from a variety of sources, God being the one who has looked on me with some sort of expectation. Have a great weekend. PR


cass moodley said...

Hello Pam !

We are honored to be the contributor to Valley Cities that gets to have lunch with you & Dan.

It's a rare thing to spend even a moment with people like yourself and Dan ~ folks who have the guts to stand up and give, beyond the norm.

We will contact the proper people to schedule our lunch ~ but we have no ax to grind... we would like for you to enjoy this time, instead of it being an obligation.
( let's talk grandchildren ! )

Thank You for All that You do,

Cass & Krish Moodley
Snohomish, Wa

infinite freedom said...

"You are no less deserving than I, to have your children taken from you"

Pam, this is what I say, and it is true. These kids are not taken because of who we are. THESE KIDS ARE TAKEN BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY ARE!

That is the truth in God's eyes.