Sunday, March 29, 2009

Little Lilly Arrives For Visit...Her Bottom Caked In Her Own Feces


Person X from DSHS seemed to want to correct me.

I stated that little 3 year and 3 month old Lilly showed up to meet with her grandparents smelling so badly that even the social worker who brought her to the visit didn't want to stand by her. And, that her hair was matted.

Truth....Lilly arrived with one of the four "drivers" that she has thus far had. (No consistency here... just throw her in the car with yet another stranger. Well, I guess that actually IS consistent, isn't it?)

Person X from DSHS says he/she knows the foster woman. I am not surprised as unlikely as that would be if the placements were random. There ought to be a law against any social worker acquiring a child for a friend. Most people have a problem with that. Person X... Some might call it trafficking.

On the day of the visit it went like this:

The driver and Lilly were already there when the grandparents arrived. Lilly ran to the grandparents.

"Grandma! Grandma!"

"Lilly!" And then, "Do we need to use the restroom?"

Lilly's grandmother is a pre-school fact she was her granddaughter's pre-school teacher UNTIL THE STATE WANTED LILLY FOR SOMEONE ELSE. She understands "accidents" even though Lilly has been potty trained for well over a year.

Lilly had "poop" down both legs and blisters. The grandmother had brought new Valentine Day present clothes. Grandpa went to the car for wipes. Lilly was cleaned up for the visit. They combed Lilly's hair and put a bow in it for the pictures. Yeah. Turns out they had a camera.

The front side of Lilly's pants were so dirty that they were turned around. Even with the tag now in the front the pants were dirty. Her new coat was dirty and it is a brown coat! Lilly's hands were chapped from not wearing gloves outside in the cold. Her grandpa has been putting lotion on them at the visits because they are not being treated.

Oh...did I mention that she had blisters on her bottom? Yes, yes. I guess I mentioned that under state care Lilly showed up with painful blisters on her bottom.

So, Person X. You obviously either believe everything your social workers write or you write the reports yourself.

DSHS Person X. You say that Lilly was underweight and that now she has gained weight.
Well, turns out one of her grandmothers is 4'11" and weighs 90 lbs. The grandparents who have raised Lilly have been very concerned about her. Lilly is pre-diabetic. They had been taking her to the doctor for wellness check-ups every month. As in EVERY MONTH!

DSHS Person X. The grandparents have a letter from Skagit Valley Medical Center with Lilly's health record. The record shows monthly visits. You want to keep that from the judge don't you? Your story is that the grandparents have not cared for Lilly. That is a lie.

Truth: The grandparents are very worried about Lilly. LILLY IS PRE-DIABETIC. Your foster woman is giving Lilly prepackaged peanut butter and JELLY sandwiches and Ding Dongs..."crap" as some parents would call it.

Truth: The grandparents deliver organic cheese and organic pears and 2 gallons of organic milk to Lilly when they visit. They do not feed her candy.

Lilly is very much like the Stuth's granddaughter. She is 3 years-old. She is beautiful and non-drug affected. She has ice blue eyes and blondish-red hair. She is made to order. This is the profile. This is what DSHS wants for someone else.

In this case the foster woman is 25 to 30 years old. She is absent much of the time for her work. The state (we all pay for this) drives her many miles to be taken care of by the foster woman's mother in Bellingham. That is one long trek for one small little girl. Whatever it takes. Right?

There are many very good foster parents in our state. And, there are many child services employees who care. It is the people at the top. That is where the problem lies.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing like seeing your family crumble right in front of your eyes.Grandma and Grandpa, I am so sorry hear this type of story again.
Stay strong and keep speaking out.She is worth it!She will love you for it!DO NOT let anyone tell you to keep quiet or back off.You need to continue to tell anyone who will listen to you what has happened to your family!
Many people going through this are made to be embarassed,it's their way of shutting you up.

Anonymous said...

For some reason it seems only the foster families and DSHS can LEGALLY abuse and or neglect a child. In fact it seems to be a part of their every day life. I hope you do turn them in. Not that anything will be done. Is there a TV crew in the Grandparents area that can do the same kind of coverage that was previously done as in the Stuth case? The public needs to see more of the crap our State dishes out then covers up,Much less the damage, physical, mental and emotional that they thrive off of.Worthless!

Anonymous said...

"Little Lisa" was one of the first to become known for cps abuses now we have little Lilly. The pattern continues and there are many more we haven't heard about in your blog or the news..How do we make the public, tax payers and voters open their eyes and stop this abuse? It is sickening what they put the children through when they have perfectly good homes where they are loved and cared for. They will go to the ends of the earth to protect animals yet they won't protect these children from these animals! I am ashamed we live in a country where such horrors go on each and every day.
Pam it seems the only hope these children and families have is you. You have exposed them for what they are..greedy animals gobbling money up at the trough.
I hope Susannah Frame is working on this case with you as she did with little Lisa's.
Please keep up the good work you are doing and continue to expose the animals for what they are. YOU are the only hope these children have.
Any thoughts on governor? I would vote for you!

Anonymous said...

You know, you would think after hearing as many stories as I have heard, I would stop being dumbfounded. I just can't hardly believe how sick things have gotten. A case in Seattle has my head swimming. A foster woman put a restraining order on a father that included his child, then CPS tried to get him to visit right before a termination trial with the intent of having him arrested and getting him out of the way. A grandfather just contacted me. He said that CPS is building a case against he and his wife. A guardian ad litem told his wife to drive the daughter and granddaughter home then wrote up a report stating that the grandmother was high when she drove. (she was not, but if she was, wouldn't the guardian ad litem have some liability?) They are blaming him for his daughter's former drug use even after discovering that she was bipolar. Every time he objects to something, they take it out on the daughter and write more service plans. They are refusing them visitation and you know what that means. Then there is the Stuth case which is a classic tale of horror and now, Lilly.
I would be interested in doing a study regarding the psychological profile of those who are attracted to this line of work. The problem is, they don't need a counselor, they need an exorcist.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

Can we start a discussion on here about gun owners and the denial of grandchildren? I know of two sets of grandparents that were denied custody and visitation because of gun ownership. I am going to contact the NRA about this. What does everyone think about gun ownership and raising children. Should denial of visitation and custody because of gun ownership continue?
Jan Smith

Lawdoll said...

Senator Roach,

The way that you describe this little girls bottom reminds me of a case in Texas where the baby had a severe diaper rash with blisters and puss ozing out of it during the visit at CPS with the Mother. This was videotaped and is on youtube in the hope4kidz section.

The Social Worker at the visit would not let the mother take the child to the doctor, nor would she allow the mother to pay for the doctor visit so the social worker would take her immediately...the social worker told the foster parents to take the little baby to the doctor immediately...which they did not do, what they did do was wait until the weekend and drop the baby and another foster child off at an emergency center...claiming they had a family emergency.

Long story short this baby was not seen for over a week...and incase people didn't know, you can die from diaper rash if the infection becomes this bad....besides imagine the pain of untreated diaper rash!!!

That is what your case reminds me of...this is neglect not only by the foster parent, but by CPS themselves and they should be charged with it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Roach,

Your newest involvement and case history of the same is not surprising.

What I find deplorable is that the person driving "Lilly" did not report the condition of this child when she picked her up. I believe that "This" person would also be a mandated reporter.

It appears to me that "The Person" who is caring for "Lilly" during the foster mothers absense is negligent in the care of this child and needs to be investigated.

There is not an excuse in the world for "Lilly" to show up for a visit in this described condition.

We have Social Workers on the inside that will tell you, "That other social workers have kidnapped children for their friends..because they could not have any children. We can put you in touch if so desired.

My advice to the grandparents would be to make sure that they document everything and be prepared for retalitation when their evidence is presented.

I am certainly pleased about the medical evidence they procured. DSHS moves quickly to make sure they block all venues of being able to obtain this information.

We would be happy to covertly work on this case with you Senator.


unhappygrammy said...

My granddaughter was brought by a parent aide to visit her mother with crusted feces all over her bottom, her legs and her crotch. The foster father felt strange changing her diaper. These idiots were allowed to illegally adopt her. I am still fighting for her return.

Juniper said...

It has been my experience that once the Agency has decided that a particular person is "the" placement, there is very little that can sway that opinion, including pictures. The same is true if for some reason CPS doesn't like a placement. It require mammoth effort by all the interested parties and their attorneys to change CPS' position and/or to convince a judge to exercise any discretion. Placement of children is left almost wholly in the hands of CPS and there is little to no oversight of their decisions. It becomes worse, because typically hearsay is admissible (only by CPS) or the judge just doesn't want to get involved. I think your idea of a citizen's oversight committee is excellent.

Anonymous said...

the diaper rash makes sense if the child is now eating a lot of sugar/yeast ect that she was not used to before and of course not being bathed regularly. Sounds like the new (great diet) aimed at making her gain weight..why do they always use that one? is not agreeing with her body. Poor little one. And how can they sleep at night knowing they continue to traumatize this little girl with new strange faces? It should be a requirement of foster care that you are ready and able to drive for visits.

Anonymous said...

Where is the CPS complaint against ALL parties who see this child on a daily basis?