Saturday, March 14, 2009

Climate Control Debate In The Washington State Senate

Last Saturday I was with 48 other people. We sat at little desks. The desks are really cool and not just because they have their own phones and Internet access. You can push a few buttons and get your office. Push another one to try to effect climate control in the huge chambers by letting the Secretary of the Senate know you are freezing!

Turns out there are several other female senators who aren't happy with the 68 degree temp and the fan system that makes you feel like the air conditioning is on. They have been given floor heaters!

Male senators, who are required to wear coats, complain about the heat and they win out.

I remember driving in a 50's something car with my mother, two sisters and my dad. My mother and sisters were complaining that it was too cold.

"Daddy, it's cold... It's too cold."

"Chuck, can you roll the window up?"

My dad let us know how he felt.

He rolled the window up to one inch from the top and leaned his nose up to the small slit of air. He gasped and sucked air to dramatically sustain life!

"----- -----. Can't you people bring sweaters?"...I so miss my dad! the point was made.

And, what do I think? Turn the heat up to 70. The wind chill factor will take it down to 65. It is ridiculously cold out there! The very male senator that complains the most is never at his floor desk!

SATURDAY....Today, I will get ready for spring. Toenails, hair, visit to the farm supply store, and then a birthday party. The convertible is still kept on hold. The sunshine went away. Mother Nature doesn't give a rip what we think about the temp either. Hmmmm...could it be....?!

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infinite freedom said...

Absolutely, turn it up to 70! If the fan brings it down to 65, that is still cold. I keep it 69 inside my home 12 months out of the year. And sometimes I have to still put on the fire in the winter. If your desk is 50 something, it makes you cold.

Technically, it should be that majority rules. But, in this case, you may need some compromise on both sides.

And as for the male Senator, I would be only too happy to have a talking to him. (with A man and 2 boys, right now, telling males where it's at is what I do best!)