Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meeting With Hired Gun, Mr. Wilson

On Friday Mr. Wilson, hired gun from the Senate Ethics Committee, arrived to find a small group of people in the Senate cafeteria. I decided to invite an attorney and a couple of friends to observe. (Translation: I didn't want him to lie.)

Mr. Wilson introduced himself as having worked for the attorney general and other agencies in the past, but not CPS. He said he is retired now and just took on a few special assignments. This probably qualifies as it is the first time a State Senator is being investigated for writing a public blog.

He started by asking a few questions that seemed unnecessary if he had seen the KING5TV coverage. I asked him and he said he had not seen the coverage. That seemed a little far fetched to me. If he was investigating this blog how could he NOT have gone to the links?.

He asked if I had help in putting the blog together. I said ''Yes.'' The Morning News Tribune had asked me to blog about my daughter-in-law as she participated in the Beijing Olympics. The Tribune put the blog up!

My friends later said he seemed to want to put the paper down at that point. But, he continued.

I told him that I had not posted any other blog on the subject. That was something he already knew. He knew who wrote the blog the judge had been told was the work of the teen mother in the Stuth case.

I chided him again for not having seen the KING5 coverage as that was really an important part of the coverage of the events.

In the end I mentioned how excited the Stuth's grandchild was when they were reunited. Mr. Wilson then agreed that it was was very nice.

So, what did we learn?

We learned that Mr. Wilson is just like the rest of them. He told us twice that he had not seen the blog and then he said it was a nice to see.

I think the only ones who have told the truth in this whole thing have been the Stuths and me.


Anonymous said...

Just another liar for hire! How much of YOUR tax dollars are they blowing on this guy? They should be looking into dshs and the foster mother herself. Why was the child pulled from the foster mother and placed in EMERGENCY foster care? Why was the foster mothers license pulled? Why did dshs try to hide this from the judge till the bitter end? Why wasn't the social worker fired for lying in her testimony? Why wasn't there an investigation done on the casa's underhanded role he played in this case? Instead he gets awarded casa of the month! Why, was it because he has absolutely NO morals? After all, It seems thats what dshs looks for. From what I've found on him in California he should be allowed NOWHERE in the field where children are involved. The more I follow this case the sicker it makes me feel. But, then again I have morals and values. I feel you did a great job senator. We need more senators like you all across the nation, not just in your state. God Bless that little girl and her grandparents that fought so hard for her.

morrisonterry said...

The truth should be a requirement in order to save our children. The department never considers the truth and the court accepts only their propaganda. By and large parents are forthcoming and truthful, a least the ones who make the effort to recuperate their children. The agreed order of dependency is strictly reserved for parents who are willing to alleviate concerns to regain their children. So this in effect is only an illegal contract devised to take children from parents who should have them back.

infinite freedom said...

Senator, the work you have done for the children in Washington state is invaluable. We so, so badly needed some way to show what was being done to us all.

And I would like to say to any one who cares to read, victory for me is bitter-sweet.

As it will be for hundreds of thousands of children and their families here in Washington.

But if not for you, dear Senator, the pain would only continue.

I only wish that there was some way to undo what has been done.

If you all knew the truth about Dylan, well, let's just say that human life is precious. Human life is what we are. What they have done to my 8 year old son Dylan can only be described as inhuman, and inconceivably cruel.

The man he is with would not think twice before holding a loaded shotgun to my head when I was pregnant with Dylan. And yet Washington State blames me.

Pretty sure I'd like to make an ethics complaint myself.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are getting the kind of investigation cps deals out. Oh yes, and surprise! nothing you said was reported how you said it. They like to put there nice little spin on everything. Because you had witnesses will help but, they will just find something else. Hate to see you have been forced to "join our club!"
On the other hand we are so PROUD of you and all you have done for us. We would gladly make you President of our "club" if we had one. lol Keep fighting Senator you have done a wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

My god....some hired gun...just another worthless piece of *%@$ how do any of them sleep at night? Maybe his special investigation should beging with some of the "agencies" he used to work for. No guilty person involved will accecpt responsibility. Do any of them have a brain?

Pam said...

Do NOT be fooled as I was. I honestly thought that CPS's ability and willingness to lie would be anecdotal and within their agency bounds. Boy was I surprised when there were so many lies told about me in open court (when I petitioned for my g'son's) Later the foster parents abandoned them and CPS decided I wasn't so bad after all. Now the biological mother is their new target and they continue to lie, and lie, and lie. I am amazed at how the residing Judge hears the Social worker say something was done and the date on a NOTE (not certifiction of enrollment or completion) doesn't match his comments AT ALL. Yet they still rule in favor of the Department.