Friday, March 20, 2009

New Case Coverage Starts Today...State Plays Satan Claus In Stealing A Child

Today begins the coverage of another "theft of a child" case. (There actually are statutes against stealing children, entering homes without warrants, lying to judges, withholding evidence, etc. but the state makes its own rules. My current read is Those Who Save Us, a Nazi Germany piece. There are some similarities)

Dateline: Washington State, just before Christmas


Grandparents Joe and Barbara who have cared for their granddaughter since birth. They are humble people. Joe is a custodian for the school district. Barbara, daughter of a university professor, is a pre-school teacher. They are intellegent people and fighters like the Stuths.

Mother Liz has had a meth problem. That is the reason her daughter went immediately to Joe and Barbara. Liz has been very successful in a treatment program to this point. She voluntarily terminated parental rights when the state suggested that Joe and Barbara could adopt.

Lilly is now three years old and well adjusted at least until she was stolen by the state. She was attending a preschool where Barbara teaches. Lilly's empty desk is a constant reminder to Barbara that the state has taken what matters most to her.

Satan Claus is the state of WA CPS. They told Joe and Barbara "if you are good" you will have your little granddaughter. After a termination there is a limbo period where the child is not part of family. Very Dangerous Indeed. Barbara was told to make her way to Skagit County for an interview..."and bring Lilly with you. We have some Christmas presents for her." This is much worse than the Grinch.... So, the little family showed up. "Come with us little girl. We have presents for you down the hall." Reluctantly she follows the nice CPS lady down the hall when Barbara is led into a small chamber...(I mean room). The door is shut. Barbara is told, as if there was a gun to her head: "That is the last time you will ever see your granddaughter."



Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to this family and all the other families going through this tourment. Bring that little girl HOME Senator Roach, if anyone can do it, you can!

Lovingfitfather said...

Since when is treachery, kidnapping and immorality "Best Interest of Child." Probably when Child Protection Services decided it is necessary to destroy children's abilities to love and trust anyone in order for them to have a safe and fulfilling life. This is not God sent.

corylynn20 said...

CPS NEEDS TO BE ABOLISHED, I am not sorry. I am so saddened and stumped by all this junk.
I,too,have had my children stolen. Based on a very false arrest in Aberdeen,WA. I am not from there...when I went to go pick up my children after my release (charges were dropped) they told me for over 5 hurs that I was "high" and it would take them 4 days to get the results of my UA. I passed. Two yrs later...I get termination papers. Two yrs later I hire an attorney. Two years later after many,many,many,red flags...I find out my children have been abused in more ways than one,in foster care. You would not believe,wait,you would,that I had a 5 volume case file on me. When my hired attorney went through it he was shocked. About 90% of it I was never informed of,such as, a social worker went into the home and made a one liner notation that had a notion the was some molestation going on in the home. It gets worse. Way worse.
Now,they want to play a game with my children and me and "work with" me...after 2 yrs of fighting for my rights.My life.
I went to your ralley. I read your blog all the time. I have an attorney on stand by who knows you and I am never going to stop fighting CPS. Ever. Once my case is closed my life is devoted to my children and helping families seek justice.