Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Saturday's Speech On CPS Abuses. What Do The Governor And The Attorney General Have In Common? Who Will Take The First Shot?

There were more than 100 people in attendance.

The Kitsap County Republican Party was holding it's annual Lincoln Day Dinner and I was the keynote speaker. It was a very warm and engaging crowd.

In Bremerton, it was also a "Go, Navy" crowd. I saved a mention of my son, John, being Air Force for the introductory remarks. It seemed safer than mentioning it around the table:o)

My speech was about CPS abuse. It was an assigned topic that is gaining interest because of news coverage. I talked about the Stuths and about the case in Skagit County and the lying about the theft of a computer, etc. Accountability/split DSHS (they cheered)/families first....

When I was done the county chair got up and said, "I am an attorney and early in my practice I worked some of the CPS cases. I can tell you that everything Senator Roach has said is absolutely true."

The speech was very well received. Afterwards a kind gentleman approached to say he battled with CPS to keep his grandchild. He, also, agreed 100%.

Former Rep, Lois McMahan received a special award. For those of you who know her...she has lost 100 lbs and suffers from severe dementia. The onset and progression of the disease has been rapid. She did not recognize me or talk to anyone. I gave her a hug. She is only 66.

HIGHLIGHTS: Currently, both top elected statewide officials have stayed out of the CPS wrongdoings. The status quo reigns. If the public begins to pressure they may have to turn on eachother to affix blame.

In the Q&A I mentioned to this group of Republicans that this was a potentially very big political issue. Recent polls show that citizens in Washington State are NOT satisfied with their service from government. They do not think that the money is spent well. The product is bad.

Both the top Democrat and the top Republican are the two people who have the most power in making changes.

The Democrat governor need merely give a directive to Mr. Hart. He will like his job...and make changes.

The Republican, Attorney General Rob McKenna can likewise reach into the bowels of his powerful bureaucracy and say he wants the state law followed. FAMILIES FIRST, It is very simple. He can also demand that only the truth be put before the court. It is the AG who defends CPS in court. It is the AG who is the legal counsel to DSHS...a behemoth of an agency. Millions go out in awards to wronged families.

Either top elected official has equal power to make changes.

Politically, I told the audience, this could be a big issue, especially since both statewide officials are already looking toward the 2012 gubernatorial race. Money matters get into a voter's pocket book. CPS issues get into their hearts and minds.

My opinion? Which ever party first goes after this issue has the chance to affix blame. The public is fuming mad about how this state treats its vulnerable children and on the other hand how CPS unnecessarily yanks kids from good and loving families like the Stuths.

PS...the speech was on video so there will be no lying about what I had to say...and also so I can go on YOUTube!


Anonymous said...

You need to keep speaking to all that will listen. Many know of the problem AND the cover up. Neither top person will take responsibility, now or ever! Keep fighting because alot of people want to see YOUR name on the ballot for Govenor. The more truth brought to light the greater chance to get people to vote for an honest politician. They are all elected officials.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of youtube, the state (and UW) have been playing a CPS special called Child Protective Services, Does it Help or Hurt. It is on youtube but they keep playing it on the UW channel over and over. They started doing that within the last few months. Problem is, this flick in no way presents an accurate picture of what is going on in the front lines. Everyone looks mature and reasonable creating a blase discourse that looks like the department is trying to reunify. Of interest to us, however, is the part about extended family placement. They recognize that placement with family produces the best results for the children and that statistics show an unusually low family placement rate but they can't seem to come up with a plan on how to raise the numbers. I have an idea for them. QUIT PUTTING THEM IN FOSTER CARE, DRAGGING YOUR FEET THEN SAYING THE CHILDREN ARE "TOO BONDED" WITH THE FOSTERS TO PLACE WITH FAMILY.

infinite freedom said...

Social workers are liberal. All of the state run programs, like children home society, which serves forty thousand orphans in Washington state, are run by liberals. The republicans would do good to fix this & move these dems on out! I think republicans have phobias, & they are all cpsphobes. But that is my opinion. I can't see any other reason why they fail to act.

Pretty sure that the republicans don't like paying for the seventy thousand kids who are legally dependent in our state. Perhaps we would do better to point out the massive welfare that that we live in because of the fraud, corruption, and zero percent accountability.

Lovingfitfather said...

Tela Marie Morrison's Parental Termination Trial, March 31, 2009 King County Court house 9:00 am court room E-733 516 3rd Ave Seattle Washington. The States preponderance of fraud will begin.

DCFS thinks they will slam dunk this case in three to five days. It is necessary to terminate Tela from her fit available and willing to parent family to cover up the many improprieties in her case. DCFS does not contend that any crime has been committed or that Tela was ever abused neglected or endangered. They are seeking to cover up a pattern of poor choices made by CPS in regard to her best interest. To this end they have forged documents and covered up a pattern of abuse and neglect administered to Tela by CPS/Foster Care, and contracted service providers

Feminist Martron said...

You know that Target commercial where the woman sooooooo anxiously wants in to shop and she's saying, "Open open open open!"

That's the same expression on my face wanting the Youtube video to come out.

Common' it's Monday already, where is the thing? I want it and I want it now! Dang politicians, they're all slow at getting things done!

(Big Evil Grin)

I just love you Senator Roach, you might just make this hard core Liberal a Republican one of these days. ;-)

Take care,
Feminist Matron

Feminist Martron said...

Infinite Freedom,

I am a Liberal and I'm not a Social Worker. LOL

Actually, I really can't stand a lot of these Social Agencies anymore. It's like we all opened a can of worms that turned into sickening vultures. If this were only a Liberal thing, then a lot of Liberal parents would be getting special treatment, but we aren't. We are suffering like the Republicans and Democrats.

I am sure you've got history books, so look up at when all these Social Services for this or that began, you will find that even a dang Republican (Big Grin) feel for them, too.

We were all sucked in to this corrupted crap, it's taken on it's own identity! Heck, maybe all this corruption and lies had to happen for all political races to get to the point of laying aside our differences and start working together.

I mean, I am a Liberal and I am inside the Republican's camp enjoying herself to no end...and there was a day I never would have even thought to hang with the likes of a Republican.

Hoping your night is spite of you being a Republican! :-D

Feminist Martron said...

By the way Senator Roach,

I have another mom that's going through the same thing as I am. If you could clear a space on your calendar, we would be more than happy to meet with you...and discuss how we can get started forming an organization in Washington state that will help end the corruption of our system.

If National Organization for Women started with only three women in a living room and got as big as they are moms can start this organization and sweep this state clean. We promise to make that our agenda, and not proselytize republicans or democrats into our liberal camp. In fact, we want to encourage this organization to have everyone on board.

So, when you can meet so we can clarify goals with you and get feedback and direction from you, we are ready to go to battle and win the war.


Feminist Martron said...


Or do I have to sign up as a devout Republican to get one right away? Just Kidding! LOL

Please check your email from me. Thank you! Hope your day went well!