Friday, March 13, 2009

KING5 And Susannah Frame Report On New Story...A Must See

Here is another sad story of a near death. This time a little boy. He will never be the same. He will never have a chance at a normal life.

The following is an email I sent to all legislators:

Dear colleagues,

As you know, I have been following the performance of DSHS/CPS for many months now. Please view another in a string of terrible happenings under the watch of Washington State CPS. I hope you will join me and many others in the Legislature in demanding that the Governor and the State Attorney General clean up this agency.
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It starts with accountability. It is simply unacceptable to have any children under our watch being mistreated and in some cases mistreated to death.


Pam Roach
State Senator
31st District


Anonymous said...

It is a tragic story and more common than people think. There is a general assumption that contracted agencies perform the services required. Who knows what might have happened if he would have done his job. There are several possibilities, but one of them is instead of parents going to prison, they might have gotten help for their obvious mental health concerns along with medical management. There really was three victims not just one. No, I take that back. There were thousands. Why? Because now, instead of family preservation methods, there will be advocacy for non-preservation and many families will suffer because this yahoo was lazy. The judge who ordered therapy will be less inclined to order it again. Was the judge's choice wise? It was IF the stakeholders were responsible people who followed through with their mandates. This is where the system gets complicated. Its like building a pyramid that never ends. One accountability source has to be built upon another accountability source and it just keeps going and going. Why? Because the heart and priorities of man has run afoul.
Jan Smith

infinite freedom said...

In God's eyes, child abuse is wrong. I wish somehow my son Dylan could be saved. He is being abused right now. I have a last ditch effort that will cost me another ten thousand that I don't have. My last chance, and this time, I don't care, I will tell the truth again.

I will tell the truth again, and pray that someone other than god will hear me.

Abuse is wrong. Washington State DSHS is wrong.

morrisonterry said...

In a word it is about sinecure positions with all participants being aware that it is not about the children, but continued employment. Contracted service providers just provide maledicent reports that are required to support what ever the particular case status-quo CPS requires... I'm sure that service providers who attempt to be altruistic to children and families do not have a job or contract for long.

Pamela T said...

I have custody of my 2 g'sons. We just came from Court yesterday. I was absolutely appalled to hear the Social Worker lie about the case and even the attorney he was being dishonest in FAVOR OF had to admit he wasn't telling the truth. (Blatant lies in open Court) They offerred these boys and our family services and resources but have not provided even one. This agency should at least have to be telling the truth when they go to court or be held accountable. Thank you for your work. No one else seems to care AT ALL!

morrisonterry said...

See what Senator Schaefer has to say about this. Watch her video.