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Another Delusional DSHS Official Has No Grasp On Reality

Earlier this week I had a comment to this blog that I thought was really a laugh. I mean...if you don't just throw your head back and say, "Good grief! These people don't have a clue," then you really are just furious with righteous indignation. Then I guess I have to acknowledge that there are some who would just rather not concern themselves and in the case of politicians, the too careful.

I wrote about 3 year-old Lilly and how she was abducted by CPS. That is what it is, you know, when there has been no wrongdoing by the family and the state takes a child. I have personally uncovered many terrible lies about families that are made up by the department. Let's hold the liars accountable and fire them! Heads should roll!

So, I mentioned that when Lilly was allowed to visit a family member that she smelled so badly even the social worker couldn't get next to her! And, I said that she had matted hair.


Our gut-less DSHS high-up emailed in to praise the department and defend the foster woman...ala Stuth case???? That was one where the department defended the foster woman and demanded the judge award the Stuth's granddaughter to her up until her licence was REVOKED! It wasn't about the restraining order out against a former lover with a was about her serious personal problem that was so bad she showed up stumbling around in a hospital with an infant boy also given to her. I GUESS THE CAT WAS OUT OF THE BAG WHEN HOSPITAL EMPLOYEES (MANDATORY REPORTERS) WERE WITNESS TO THIS TRAVESTY THAT THE DEPARTMENT WAS PROMOTING.

So, when a self righteous DSHS high up writes this blog and condemns ME for saying Lilly had matted hair you really have to laugh!!!! Not a mention of the lie DSHS told about the grandparents having stolen a computer from Swedish Hospital when in fact the department actually gave them the computer through a program Swedish has set up to help foster parents. (Swedish gives outdated computers to DSHS for foster parents!) I talked with the program director myself about this who verified the computer was the one they were given. Gift? Set-up? Mistake?

Anonymous Person X from DSHS...What do you have to say about the lies???? I'll bet you never apologise or correct ANYTHING. I am right about that! Not a mention of the toddler rocking back and forth in her car seat being threatened with "If you cry you will not get to see your grandma." Can any real person...under any circumstance...see saying this to anyone...let alone a three-year-old who only weeks before was torn away from the only family she's ever known? NO. The answer is NO! Nobody treats kids like this. This practice is in itself abusive! And, anyone who condones it is outrageous!

Clearly, this person doesn't get it.

Person X: It is about the fact that there are lies. It is about the child not belonging to your wonderful friend. I can not believe you one way or the other about your friend. She/He/them are not the issue here. Besides, I received several comments from the department and another "anonymous" equally extolling the virtues of the foster woman in the Stuth Case. what a crock that was. You are completely missing the point. But, you are making mine. Lilly is a wonderful little girl precisely because she was treated so well and loved by her family! What? You think that happened because of your friend? Go read a book.

Here is the comment I received:

"Sen. Roach: I am appalled that an elected official would blog (of all things) such hearsay without checking all the facts first. We count on our public officials to be leaders of social reform, not to promote misinformation.

I do not work with Children’s Administration, but have worked professionally with Randy Hart many times. He was not the “head of the Skagit office” prior to his promotion as you say, but the Regional Administrator over 5 counties. Mr. Hart’s actions to improve the child welfare system in Region 3 were visionary and ALWAYS centered on the safety and well being of children. Our state is very fortunate to now have Randy Hart in Olympia setting policy and practice for the benefit of all WA children!

I do not claim whatsoever to know anything about why “Lilly” was removed from her grandparents or the actions of the social workers along the way. However, I can say FIRSTHAND that “Lilly” is currently placed in a loving, caring home. This precious little girl is a schoolmate and playmate of my young daughter and her foster mother is a dear friend. When Lilly came to the foster mom (January, not right before Christmas as you say) she was underweight; so underweight that my daughter’s hand-me-downs were too big for Lilly. Mind you, my daughter is a full year younger than Lilly! In the foster mom’s care, Lilly has actually gained weight. As I understand it, Lilly had a well-child check recently and the pediatrician believes Lilly is only now right on track with her weight and height. As for her hair, she does have coarse and difficult to manage hair. Even I thought on occasion that it looked messy; but NEVER matted! The foster mom took the time to learn how to manage this little angel’s hair which is ALWAYS clean and now, very pretty. I have NEVER, EVER known Lilly to smell as you describe. Little ones play hard – especially at preschool! Let us also remember that she has only be potty trained for a very short time (months at the time she came into care); young children to have accidents from time to time.

This foster mother is the caliber of person one rarely meets in life. Her character is impeccable, she is caring, compassionate, intelligent, and genuine. I would allow her to care for my daughter any day, any time. As I said, I do not know what brought Lilly to foster care. I wonder if you do. Have you read the home study? Have you read her file or court documents FIRSTHAND? Have you been to the home?

Rest assured, Lilly is safe, well cared for, and living in a developmentally enriching and nurturing environment. I am the LAST person to advocate for institutional or non-family care for children. However, when placement outside of the family is warranted, this is precisely the person who should be caring for our children when family cannot."

Person X....Please go back and link to KING5 to see the Stuth coverage. No one should ever have the kind of faith you have in government. PR

DSHS high-up with the department who responded to my blog: It is time for you to go. You have too many years in the agency to have any idea what is fair, normal, accountable, honest, etc. You are the kind of person who thinks lying justifies your intended goal. You play God because you can. You are evil and need to go. How about spending just a minute of your time or is it our time ($120,000 a year) and investigate why the lies are still on the judge's desk. Vile is the only word I have for actions that steal the child of another without cause.

Government bureaucrats (backed up by everyone who has a financial self interest of the pay-rolls/offs) are unrestrained except by the court. so, they go after kids from the middle to low income families. It is like picking fruit from a tree. The low hanging fruit are the kids whose parents or grandparents don't have resources. You go after children that can be easily grabbed because families are unable to fight. The harvest is year-round.

Here is another email that I received from Eastern Washington where there is some justice coming the way of families:
I corrected only a few errors in the text.
"Dear Senator Roach,
In our case involving 4 children, the Prosecutor knew about the lies, about CPS, and the the police department filed no report, period. Nothing was done- He said to go to CPS again the next time after more disclosure. Even though the CPS supervisor was busted on cocaine - fired. The Social worker lied and we were told was fired. The PD detective, my D-I-L said got fired. The Grant County S/W as well. All 4 of these government paid employee's do not have their jobs any longer. The PA I said and TRUST CPS to do THEIR job again (paid rather do it or not). Yes the PA answered. We left his office sad and very confused. Then we were told the PA did not do his job.

We are sick for these 4 kids and their wrecked lives. Risk should not be an option.

Why have legislators and laws if those in power as well as the judge do not have to follow them??? REALLY!!!

Bless you and your families,
(This was signed but I have removed the name to protect them from the department that rewards those who lie and punishes those who tell the truth.)

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Anonymous said...

Just last week our case worker XXXX
tried to deny my Grandaughter her right to be at a court hearing. She said, "She doesn't need to be there". Children over twelve have the right to "be there".

When she did not return to the Foster Home after school and instead had me pick her up to take her there. I was instructed by the Case Worker & the placement agency to, "leave her on the street for the night to learn a lesson".

I loudly refused. Picked her up. Returned her to Foster Care.

Then I received a voice mail informing me I over stepped my bounds and as a result could lose the right to have contact with her other than at supervised visits.

Thanks to a great attorney who offered to serve them some sort of compliance order and an outstanding GAL. Not only did she attend court but she left there in my custody!!!!!