Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Another Vile, Hateful Move...DSHS Smears Lilly's Grandparents Who Are Much Loved And Awarded Community Leaders

Within the department there is a mantra. Originally it was said by Lenin...or was it Hitler?

"Tell a lie often enough and the people believe it."

Here is the truth, loyal PRR reader, about the grandmother fighting for her beautiful little Lilly:


The department's favorite lines: "You only know one side of the story." Or, "You don't know everything WE know." What a crock.

How about it Mr. Hart? Don't you really think you should offer more than the retraction of just one of the lies about this couple whose granddaughter you are putting through emotional hell?

Did your subordinate include any of THIS in the DSHS report full of lies that is on the judge's desk?
What will happen to that subordinate for his report? Anything?

Mr. Hart, I think you know what your people want. They want someone else's child and are willing to fabricate lies about a family, throw them into debt, and emotionally and physically hurt a child to do so. CLEAN UP SHOP!


CC Tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

What I know is this...

If you or I were to make an affidavit to the court, and we left something out..we would be lying by ommission. I have court transcripts to prove that is so.

I can also say that I am so sick of the "Department and the AG's office lying it makes me want to scream!

I just hate to call people liars. They have proven themselves to be so time and time again. My question is why is there no punishement when you lie to the court under oath? And they wonder why there is no trust. There is no trust amoung thieves.

All we want is the truth..not the "Departments" twisted word version of the truth.

If documents can be provided to the court that the "Department is lying..The person doing the lying (Usually it's the AG'S doing it) should go to jail for one year and one day for doing so. Make an example of a few of them..and I can guarantee it will stop. Or they could be fined $1,000.00 for each lie that they told to keep a child in foster care illegally. Or fined a $1,000 a day for each day a child is kept away from their family. Those are some solutions to remedy the problem. You did ask for solutions.

The state has all the money and unlimited resources to fight us. The common people do not.

If you are not a party to the case. The "Department" can bash your family and you just have to sit and take their beating and keep your mouth closed.They know what they are doing! While sitting through such hearings one can not believe what they are hearing.

Personally they have bled my family and me dry. Almost to the point of bankruptcy. I considered it. All I have left is a second mortgage, my home and my car. I work my self to exhaustion every month.

There are things that they can never steal from me, my heart,my soul,my dignity and my willingness to fight for others that find themselves in the same situation.

There should be a price that this entity must pay for the pain and suffering that they cause to families unrightously torn apart for their federal funding.

It is an emotional sickness from which one never recovers.

Senator, from your description of this child, it sounds just like the kind of children DSHS searches for. blonde hair blue eyes..didn't Hitler do the same?

Maybe you can somehow put this forth for next years agenda. It is a sad thing that the truth may have to be legislated and the departments hand forced into telling the truth.

Liars never remember what they say! That is why it is never smart to do do. My parents always said,"Tell the truth and you will not get into trouble..tell a lie..and you will never remember what you said"

CC Tillett

infinite freedom said...

I was building Kenworth semi-trucks in Renton while they deemed me "deficient".

Now read this very carefully, all who care to know.

Washington State's Child Welfare System abuse consists of cries for help. And as they are all lies, they are abusive. And because it is well hidden, they get away with it.

What Washington State does to children and their families is far more harmful than domestic violence and child sexual abuse combined. Because the perpetrators are praised for abusing us.

Yes, the perpetrators are praised, and very well payed and taken care of, to abuse us by the hundreds of thousands.

Kenworth semi truck builders have always had a fair amount of prestige around the Northwest. And we do take great pride in what we do. I will take the healthy lead in any given situation. And but for them saying it, I have never been, and never will be "deficient"!!

The abuse is in the social workers duties.

Anonymous said...

I went to day one of a termination trial in Seattle. I was expecting more of the same like the Stuth case, but there was a different set of players and the hard core "tear em up and take em down" wasn't quite there. I even complimented the AG for the CASA for asking good questions. Day two has not arrived yet and that is the day they bring out the full arsenal of mental health lemmings. I have provided some unsolicited recommendations for this case and I am hoping that the judge will listen to what I have to say. He might not, but it is worth a shot.
Jan Smith

CC Tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

A win for Washington Families United today in the Kitsap County Court.

We received this case early Thursday afternoon. The Children had been taken Tuesday.

We told the parents what information they had to obtain quickly and get it to their attorneys to counteract the departments claims.

We sat in the courtroom from 9-4:30today.

It was just amazing to see attorneys (Both parents attorneys were spot on)in family court do their jobs!

I wish you could have been there Senator. The paerwork that was obtained by these parents whipped the department at every turn.

The end result was that the department failed to prove their case. TA-DA!

I wonder if these attorneys will ever understand what a valuable resource we are?

One child returned..so many more to go.

CC Tillett
Washington Families United
Child and Family Advocate