Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ayn Rand Back In Vogue As Obama's Government Emerges

In the late 1960's a college roommate recommended "We The Living." (There is not underlining on this program so I use quotes.)

After that I read "Anthem" and "Atlas Shrugged" and "Fountainhead" is in the bookcase. Ayn Rand was big....a long time ago!

One of my sons called last week and asked to borrow my copy of Atlas. OK. Then two days later another son asked for the same copy. I ended up buying it for him and delivering it at his Friday birthday dinner. Was there a family book club that I didn't know about?

Saturday, I was in Bellevue. Two people were talking about the book! Say what?

Rand was an individualist, an atheist, and someone who saw capitalism under attack by oppressive government even fiftey years ago. She heralded a warning. Get a copy...if you can find one.


infinite freedom said...

Sometimes it amazes me how we never stray to far from some of the most trusted truths.

And in the battles of right vs left, right practices the encouragement of growth in all directions. Left encourages dependency on government.

In many ways, government is like parenting. If you teach a child to be self determined, and guide it towards high achievement, it will be strong and successful. If you let it have whatever it wants, it will be unable to support itself. Undisciplined, untaught, spoiled, dependent society is created by the left. As with Obama. He ran on an entitlement campaign. And sadly, he has created a great deal of people who feel that their government should take care of them. They feel that they are entitled to the money of those who have earned it.

hmm.. I can't be too self determined, right??

well.. you could say that I am an individualist, and "have issues with immortality", but first and foremost, hard, solid right wing conservative. I am a conservative Republican, and I am very proud to say so. That is, I believe in the strength of the people. Not the crippling effect of over governance.

Therefor Senator, I am happy that this author is coming back!!

infinite freedom said...

Sorry, by issues with immortality I mean that I take Nietzsches' "Beyond Good and Evil" and "The Will to Power" to be some of the truths of mans existence.

But I also believe that every one should choose for them selves. And there is no right and wrong in religion. It is personal choice.

Mans greatest flaw is the lack of awareness of his own strength.

And that is my opinion.