Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lily Update

In response to a reader comment:
I called AG McKenna's office and he returned my call. We have had discussion on this case. I will not be reporting too much on that part of the effort. There are many people watching this case. The grandparents were at the hearing last week. I have submitted material in their defense. Hopefully, the department will find an exit strategy. This costs them nothing. It costs the family thousands. The money would certainly be better spent on dance lessons, music lessons, clothes, special diet foods, educational vacations, soccer lessons, books, tuition, etc...the family has been diminished because of the government assault.


CC Tillett said...

Dear Denator Roach,

Rob Mckenna returned your call..Hmmm..Might he feel a little pressure in regards to the wrong doings of his McMinions?

Hopefully, the department has been told to find the earliest exit possible.

The case the Mr. Stuth was speaking about at the recent meeting was Troxill v Granville.

Once again I will say that it is all about their federal IV funding. DSHS gets no money for letting relatives take the kids. Family should receive the same dollar amount. I do not know who wrote that into the federal funding..but I am about to undertake that mission. I may ask Jan Smith for her expertise on the matter and perhaps join me.

Agreed that the family should not have to spend the thousands of dollars that they have already and that the money could be better spent. Lily belongs with her family..period!

Sleep well Senator. You've just ended your day. I am just starting mine. I won't see the inside of my eyelids again for over 24 hours.


CC Tillett

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with this child and family, may she be returned home in God speed. Thank You so much Pam!

Anonymous said...

Pam, I met Lilly's grandparents at the hearing last week. I watched from afar as their case was mentioned. Both the grandparents broke down in tears. It was just so sad to see the pain and hurt in their hearts. And I know that pain all to well. It's tragic what this department does to families. And to the grandparents, when lilly comes home have the guestroom ready, because we'll be there!