Saturday, April 11, 2009

From Out Of Nowhere...Great-Grandma Arrives

(There is still a battle going on for this little girl. The state will not back off. But...)

What I like best about this woman is that she is livid angry at what is happening and has money for lawyers. Damn the torpedos! Full speed ahead! (This is my kind of grandma...a fighter who has fire power!)

Lily's father...was killed in a car accident. The paternal grandparents are "unable" to take Lily and she was being raised by the mother's parents.

But...there was yet another grandmother... a wealthy great-grandmother who loved and raised Lily's dad who has been out of the country. This is the father's grandmother and great-grandma to Lily. She is relatively young and she is hopping mad.

How could CPS steal Lily and move for a quick adoption? "What is going on here?"

This grandma is NOT HAPPY...and is Lawyering Up!!! Thank God!

Attorney General Rob McKenna called me today from his cell phone. I gave him that story. Yes, he will work on this come Monday. He knows our Grandma with the guns! He knows what happened with the Stuths.


Lovingfitfather said...

I am sure that Attorney General Rob McKenna knows full well the current faulty status-quo of child welfare services. I sent Mr. McKenna a 300 page information packet on all aspects of the misshandling of my case including the Casey Family Foster study "eighty percent failure rate" and Nancy Schaefer's report in June 2008. I also outlined all the facts regarding my experiences in a concise well presented manner. This included many 8 X 10 pictures in an attempt to humanize my daughter. I received an answer from Mr. McKenna in October 2008, it was a Petition for Termination of Parental Rights!

Anonymous said...

We need wealthy people to see what is going on and invest in the family rights movement. We lack because we do not have. I am going to start doing a lecture series in churches who are very concerned about the government and the trends. They have a vague knowledge of what is going on with homeschoolers and government behavior, but they do not have the full understanding of what this system is doing to families and lineage. Having been to bible college, this actually is my venue and evangelism my forte'. I will be "evangelising" the masses to protect and save the family integrity.
Your heart is not right before God Rob McKenna - nor are your cronie's utilizing the appropriate Spirit. The battle is God's and he will win.

Anonymous said...

Have at'em Grama.....I can't wait to see how they handle her, she has nothing else to idiots At DSHS have to learn that...when you take all they hold dear, they have nothing else to lose, how would YOU like to know that feeling?

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Lilys great-grandma !
There is hope for Lily . Wish all children kidnapped by cps had a family member like that.
They don't but, they have you !That is a miracle as well.
Thank you Senator for being there for the rest of us.

CherryBlossomGirl said...

Perhaps you should leak this story to other people... like the national news. Something like this will catch fire, and once the spotlight of the nation is set on these people, maybe this poor baby can go back to the family who wants and loves her.

Anonymous said...

Once my case is over,we are in a real detrimental stage, I am going to an media who will listen to me.
Another promise from me to my children.

Feminist Martron said...

Hmmmm, I wonder if this Fired Up Granny has room to love a Great Grand-Daughter as her own. I am up for adoption if that's so! :-)

And Anonymous....I am right with you. As soon as my children are safely in my care and their Narcissist Abuser has no way of harming them again, I am going to go on a wild campaign to expose how this corrupted system allowed my children to be placed in his care!

I have made my promise to my children as well...along with any children in the that this sick abuse this system does to children will be put to an end once and for all!

Anonymous said...

Her case is far from "being sewed up." She has to fight against the child's sense of time and psychological parenting along with coming up against the venomous AG cronies who froth at the mouth in court while ripping the veins out of family necks with twisted and false accusations. I hope she came back from Europe ready for gang rape. Its all about "win/lose" and her being wealthy just means they have to fight harder to win.
Things are getting weirder and weirder. There is another bill going through Congress right now that if passed (they are trying to keep public opinion out of it) means that all women having children in the hospital cannot take the child home unless they do a short psych evaluation. Make sure and let your Congressman know this is not OK. We need to fight the trends of psychology that is being used for tyranny. It is called the Mother's Act.