Thursday, April 9, 2009

CPS Sec. Randy Hart....Never Sent The Exoneration Letter To Arrive Prior To Lily's Hearing As He Promised He Would

It took 8 days to get a letter to the grandparents...the day after the hearing. Why didn't they give the letter to the AG so they could retract the lie?
In reference to the retraction of CPS's false accusation regarding Lily's grandparents having stolen a computer which was actually given to them by another arm of this mega department.
"I will send a letter of apology to the grandparents and send a copy to correct the records before the court." Randy Hart, Sec. Of Children's Administration on April 1, 2009.

The letter was suppose to arrive before an April 9th court hearing. It needed to be at the court in time to have it entered. It was not. And, turns out there was not a lot of effort to get it there at all.

When it had not arrived by April 7th I called my friends at CPS. I figured Hart would not send the letter. "Fool me once...etc."

So, I called on Monday and was told the subordinate who was assigned the task was on vacation all last week. (How do you give an assignment to someone who isn't there anyway???)

And, get this...she was now on a two day, all expenses paid, annual CPS conference at the Seattle Convention Center. Not enough people there to carry out the commands of the director, I guess. How much time does it take to write a simple two paragraph letter in a timely manner. They have hundreds of people to do that!

One of my Senate colleagues also called about the letters. "They promised me, " said my colleague. "The letters will be hand delivered if necessary." OK.

Well, if they had wanted to be honest about the grandparents they would have done everything possible to correct this lie. They did not. They tarried. They vacationed. They did not try at all actually.

If they were interested in being honest they would have told their lawyers from the Attorney General's office and had the information corrected. They really WANTED the false information before the commissioner. I mean...what other explanation can there be for this? These are adults not high schools kids late with a term paper.

You judge a person by what they do...not by what they say.

CPS does not want their own attorney to be made aware of the situation. To do that would be like calling off the dogs! (No derogatory thoughts here...just a euphemism.)

The department promised a letter of apology to the Lily's grandparents for lying about them having stolen a computer and a copy of the letter would be sent to the court commissioner for the hearing on Wed. They made the promise on April 1st (I know...quit laughing!). I called on Monday the 6th. No letters sent. They promised the letter would be there for the hearing on Wed. It was not there in time. There was a letter sent too late. Then there was a certified letter sent to the grandparents....too late to be considered at trial where the AG just blasted them...ala Stuth Case.

New developments...Another grandmother enters the picture. Turns out she is well heeled and will attorney up.


CC Tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

I guess I can believe what they didn't do. I will restate this like one of your other bloggers did..HOW DO YOU TELL WHEN DSHS IS LYING? THEIR LIPS ARE MOVING.

Now I will sound repetitive here..I just detest Liars. My favorite male country singer said it best, " We'll put a boot in your a$$'s the American way.


Maybe for the rally we should all wear PINOCHIO MASKS. Maybe a run on the Disney store would be appropriate.

Hopefully your collegues are seeing their true faces as they present them. No follow through with anything that they say.

Faces for DSHS Accountability could be our new motto.

I cannot write much more tonight..I am on a mission to find Grandfathers old boxing gloves and I will proceed to the garage to hit the bag for a few rounds. I am ready to kick some serious A$$ and take some names.

God speed Senator, and never forget how much we ALL appreciate what you do and who and what you stand for.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see them challenge the court on this. First of all, doesn't it violate Constitutional rights when the court has a "trial" about someone that is not a party to the case where they cannot defend themselves? If a person's Constitutional rights are violated, then none of them are immune from a lawsuit. I will check with someone who knows about this, but I think we can get a federal lawsuit that may be class action eligible on this as well as individual lawsuits. It is time for the AG to get sued.

Anonymous said...

The Attorney General and their cronnies have absolute immunity as prosecutors EXCEPT that they are acting out of bounds by prosecuting someone who is not a party to the case. This alters things enough to get them out of absolute immunity and into qualified immunity. As someone with qualified immunity, they can be sued if they violate Constitutional rights. SO, what I suggest that everyone in their respective counties do, is start filing lawsuits against whatever attorney general cronies are in court and when the absolute immunity argument comes up, challenge that immunity.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

As outlined by the Supreme Court in Harlow v. Fitzgerald, 457 U.S. 800 (1982),[1] qualified immunity is designed to shield government officials from actions "insofar as their conduct does not violate clearly established statutory or constitutional rights of which a reasonable person would have known."

Anonymous said...

Here is how it could be done: The prosecutor cannot prosecute extended family who are not a party to the case, therefore the AG would be acting as an administrator practicing libel/slander. This is clear in this case and they are BUSTED.

Anonymous said...

What a worthless system.

CherryBlossomGirl said...

You know, I am really glad these people have you to help them. These CPS people sound like real pieces of work, you know?

Anonymous said...

Well, this is their M.O. after all isn't it!!!
This totally explains why the little guy has no effect on them.
If they did this to you imagine what they do to the rest of us.
They have an agenda and no one.. not even public officials are going to get in their way!!
Through your diligence you helped the Stuths to succeed. I only hope that you are able to help the public see that this corrupt agency only listens to money and lots of it. I hope there will be enough public opinion to make this gov. stop digging her heels in and make changes, instead of ALLOWING the flow of money to this corrupt institution.
Without you Pam it would not have come this far and I believe you have the tenacity to keep up the fight for such a great cause.
Please stay strong you have so many, many people their for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow,or should I say,not suprised ?
They are never,ever,interested in stating the facts~they only lay before the judge their fabrications which rip our families apart and then everytone wonders why 75% of foster children end up in jail/prison ????????????
They can go and lay down their own precious heads at night and SLEEP,whilst we the innocent get to worry about who our children are with,are they going to bed w/out crying like my children did hysterically,and way worse.
Must be nice as Social Workers and case managers~to just mettle in our childrens' lives. And we the parents,we are humans too ! I never sleep,am on meds for a high heart rate~never had that issue before my false arrest and legal kidknapping... And a vaccation,wouldn't my children and I enjoy a vacation. Wow.
Pam, I love that you continue to write on our behalfs. You are an incredible woman to me. One day as I've said before, I will be on the other side of the fence and I will help too. That's my promise.
I will call your office again,soon.

Anonymous said...

Who's this other grandmother? Another story? Same story? Don't keep us all on the edge of our seats! And CPS not sending a letter...what a shock! They will NEVER do anything along the lines of telling the truth or accepting responsibility! Just always.

Lovingfitfather said...

They have Qualified Immunity IE a license to serially prey upon, abuse, neglect and traffic in children with impunity. Absolutely Totalitarian and Fascist.

Anonymous said...

Any chance we can all see that "apology letter"? I find it hard to believe it exists. They don't believe in taking responsibility, much less making an apology, especially in writing.

Anonymous said...

Clark County WA -when discussing workers dishonesty in situation,- Her supervisor states: "Oh, for example -we have a child that is a runner,we would tell the foster parent they are "athletic".....that's just how it is. And its been that way for a long time."
This was an actual conversation. And they claim to be "honest"???