Sunday, April 5, 2009

Randy Hart. You Said You Would Correct The Record....You Haven't.

The clock is ticking and a family...a in the offing. And yet, no response from Hunter Goodman of the AG's office or Randy Hart the new head of CPS.

Over a week ago CPS Sec. Randy Hart acknowledged that CPS got it wrong. His employees wrote in a report that Grandma and Grandpa had stolen a computer from Swedish Hospital. That report now sits...uncorrected ...on a judge's desk in Skagit County.

Hart admitted that the department had been wrong and told me that there would be a letter of apology sent to the Willards and a correction sent to the judge.

The trial is WEDNESDAY and the department has yet to correct its purposeful lies. too? You don't tell the truth? There were witnesses on my end you know. You said you would send the correction letter. You took a list of points I had for you and you said you would "check." The truth is not with your workers, Mr. Hart.

Remember. Everything CPS hears from their social workers they believe. Anything they hear from others (like me) they do not believe. (Reminds me of the world I live in, politics can be an ugly, lying proposition.) Actually...I think they do believe that their workers are wrong. The department heads just want to transfer "ownership" of a child so badly that they perpetuate the lies to get the kid. It is pretty damn hard to read this situation any other way.


Anonymous said...

it should be Randy Hartless.....

Anonymous said...

It's too scary.
Roach we need more on your side to help us.
Someone commented on the fact that there needs to be some light shed on CPS in WA. True,but CPS corrodes this entire Country.