Monday, April 6, 2009

Lily's Adoption Hearing Will Be This Wednesday

After stealing this child...CPS is rushing to adopt her out to a single working woman who put in an order for a cute, blond little know the gig.

I am told Rob McKenna's attorney is just as bad in this case as the one who worked against the law in the Stuth Case. They have absolutely no care at all about the department lying to the judge. They have their marching orders.

I contend that the AG is legal counsel to DSHS. (OK, everyone agrees.) That does not just mean that they are to defend the state against means they are the legal advisor. They should be advising CPS to follow the law and place with families first.

The AG should want truth before the judge. The state has lied about another set of grandparents. This is about justice. Dear reader...that is NOT how this is viewed by your government.


Anonymous said...

I think I may have to go to Seattle tomorrow and picket the convention while handing out flyers. It is hard to even comment on this at this point. What is wrong with people?

Anonymous said...

Lily is beautiful...much love and prayers goes out to this child and family. I find it strange this women is also single like in the Stuth case, what other similarities are there? Do we know anything else about this foster person?

Anonymous said...

Have you had the chance to speak with anyone in Washington,D.C. as of yet Senator? There seems to be a large wall of silence in Washington State that needs to be broken. So many of these families are made to be embarassed, they don't speak out until the 11 th hour.
This little girl is beautiful! I hope she is returned Wednesday.

Do NO Harm said...

Our prayers are with Little Lily and her grandparents! I WISH that I did not know their pain. Sadly, I know all too well the horror of their nightmares that I too cannot wake from.

As an Aunt to a blue-eyed, blond-haired little boy, I have found out first-hand what CPS can do. Did I mention that he will be 3 this June?

We are approved by State Adoptions but CPS has backed the foster parents, who are now trying to adopt my nephew.

What has happened to our country? When did breaking up families become so easy and routine?

Thank you for speaking out!! SO many want to sweep it under the rug, as our dirty little secret! My own California Governor has decided to ignore me lately. America has got to know, so we can change!

unhappygrammy said...

I have gotten word today from DCYF that my grandson Austin won't be placed with my husband and I. They finally agreed to a homestudy in June of 2008 and it was just finished. They claim we will not be able to handle him, as he is now special needs, thank's to them. This is a total lie. Like the Stuth's, I have become a trouble maker for DCYF. I have been very vocal and have been fighting them for more than three years for my grandson Austin and my granddaughter Isabella. Isabella was illegally adopted in March of 2008.
My grandson has been severely traumatized by this rogue, out of control government agency. He is nine years old and the only thing he wants is his grampie.
We are located in Nashua, NH and need help badly. Our grandson needs to come home!

Anonymous said...

It would seem that grandparents are a favorite target of CPS. My sister's grandchild was placed with her in 2005 after 15 months of terrible abuse. This 4-year old lived with her in a wonderful, praiseworthy and nurturing home, and she had been approved to adopt the child.
Suddenly in August her grandchild told her that the father had been committing sexual abuse during supposedly "supervised" visits, sponsored by CPS. Rather than charge the father, CPS removed the child from the grandmother, (claiming she had made up the abuse and coached the child) because CPS knew they were negligent in allowing the abuse. The only way they could prevent another million dollar lawsuit was to remove the child from the grandmother and return to the abusive parents, thus denying the grandmother party status in the case.
We have obtained nearly 3 years worth of CPS documents and they are full of proveable lies and hidden agendas.
Did you know that DSHS pays the traffic fines and warrants of non-compliant parents who owe as much at $50,000 in such fees in Washington and other states.
Did you know that in this current budget crises we are paying a 24-hour gym membership to a substance-abusing and non-compliant parent (with arrest warrants and driving with a suspended license) because she needs "stress relief?" And we are paying daycare for her three children, even though neither parent is working.
Meanwhile, children are being abused and their cries for help are being ignored. Families are grief stricken and torn apart by caseworkers who have all the power and no accountabilty.