Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Census Workers Work And Lurk

Dear PRR Readers,

It pains me to announce that there will be no chronicling of the census worker that leaves this house every morning in duty to is country. Depending on the neighborhoods this could be dangerous duty!

Sadly, we will not see these spin offs: "My Life As A Census Worker," "The Secret Life Of A Census Worker," or a potential favorite, "Confessions Of A Census Worker."

US Department of Commerce----Bureau of the Census

First established in 1790 this is the only government agency that does not share its data with any other government agency or organization for 70 years. And census enumerators (that is what is on the badge) can neither say what they are doing nor specifically, where they are going.

Aside from what they make, $17.50 and hour, I can really only say that I learned they are issued handheld computers worth about $2,500 a piece. Presumably they will be reprogrammed to be used in Iraq. Maybe they have already been in East Timor. I guess we may find out in 70 years.

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infinite freedom said...

The sleeping giant is the silent majority.

I pray they come out of the woodwork and descend upon government of every form.

I actually have every faith that they will.

But I am going out to buy some cow bells right now!!

Wake up sleeping giant!!