Wednesday, April 15, 2009

5,500 Attend Tea Party

Note the cool tea bag adornment! Again...I am a trend setter for the day. Others followed.

Yes, I was there! There were 5,500 people at the largest rally we have had at the capitol in ten years! I am standing by the guitar playing guy. This was an important moment for me. Did I tell you I am taking guitar lessons?...As I type my left hand fingers are numb with callouses. I watched the artist and can tell you I know all of the chords he knows! If I could only SING!!!

DO NOT RAISE TAXES...The message was meant for lawmakers who around the country are given choices on how to write budgets and provide services. DO NOT RAISE TAXES. This amazing rally of Washingtonians delivered the message...we are spending too much of the people's money. There is a great debate in our country.... Do we stay with capitalism or do we, chained by our own debt, embrace socialism? The people do not want socialism but their leaders are marching toward it.

Who was there? Kirby Wilbur, Mike Seagle, Senators Holmquist, Stevens, Carrell, Roach, Becker, and Evergreen Freedom Foundation's Lynn Harsh (Bob Williams was attending the Spokane rally), Dan Wood of the WA State Farm Bureau, Tim Eyman and many others.

After the rally we all went quietly to the post office and humbly made our offerings. I don't drink but I imagine it was like the morning after.


Anonymous said...

Hi Senator,
I would like to know what is going to be done with Social Security. There are several line items regularly removed from Social Security like CPS for billions and unemployment for government employees. This needs to be stopped. They know SS is being depleted and they keep doing it anyway. It is only a matter of time before they will not be able to pay. I am only a few years away from collecting and I fear I won't be able to.

infinite freedom said...

I was so very proud to have been there Senator. My sign said, "it's we the PEOPLE not we the POCKETBOOK". Because our state government it seems to me, is looking at my money, not my ideas. But that is just my opinion.

As we were walking to the capitol building with the thousands of others, a woman said to us "Wow! I didn't know that there was this many sane people in Washington".

It was a good turn out, but I hope that it is only the start of a battle to get us back to being in line with our founders.

& remember, most of the money now goes for maintenance of the bureaucracy. So most of what they take from us brings nothing of any value to us.