Thursday, April 23, 2009

KING 5 To Cover Hearing ... Latest On Little Lily

KING 5 will air coverage of material from last week's hearing. Please view on Tuesday, April 28th at 10 and 11 PM.

I will let you know more as I learn about it. Just found out this afternoon.

I am hearing some things are happening in Stevens County as a result of Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen's visit here last week.

Today there was a meeting with CPS and Lily's grandparents. The meeting took place in Mt. Vernon, WA. The object of the meeting was to go over the report on the grandparents and address the contested matters. THIS KIND OF MEETING NEEDS TO TAKE PLACE BEFORE ANY MATERIAL ABOUT GRANDPARENTS IS PUT ON A JUDGE'S BENCH.

Remember...of the 120+ items reported about the grandparents....nothing good was said. (There was nothing said of all the community awards received...nothing of Grandma's two college degrees...but there was the lie about them having stolen a computer and that there was no heating in the house.) I understand that the man who wrote the report was present. Let's hope this miserable situation gets righted. A three-year-old child is suffering right now. She still fights to be back with her grandparents. Her spirit is not broken. (That, of course, is what the department wants. You know. Crush the kid through repeated visits and separations and eventually they prefer to avoid the hurt by blocking out the love they have for the grandparents.)

There was an observer in the room watching the process. We need more of this. The system needs to be open and checked.


CC Tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

I believe that every meeting with CPS needs to be recorded. That would eliminate any of the he said, she said propaganda.

I also believe that there should be transcripts of these meetings. Accountability is the new message of the day. CYA. They would not be able to back away from a taped meeting and transcripts of the same would they????

Like I year and one day of jail time for ANY social worker that lies to further their agenda of taking children from their families. And more jail time if they lie to a judge..

CC Tillett
Washington Families United
Child and Family Advocate

Anonymous said...

Will keep them all in our prayers. Thank God for you and King 5.

Anonymous said...

HA ! There should be observers in all the courtrooms. I swear in ABERDEEN,WA it is a three ring circus the way they run the show !!!! After the last time I was in court there, parents were going bolistic. Some screaming they were going to sue. Some saying to case workers that they had written up lies about them. It was crazy. And the judge...threatening to take a pregnant womans baby from her before it was even born. Get with it CPS !!!!

Christy said...

I know all about the Aberdeen juvenile court in Washington. I hope the parents really do sue. I talked to a set of foster parents, a young mother who was placed with them, her parents and her sibling. The sibling was still living with her parents. They were all upset because the judge was threatening the young mother, telling her he was going to place her baby in a separate foster home. The foster parents were telling me what a good mother their foster child was. The next time I seen them in court, the judge ordered the baby be moved to another foster home. They were all very upset, the mother was crying, I felt sad for all of them. One time I was there a grandmother was crying and saying please dear god don't let them take the baby as she was rocking back and fourth holding her grandchild. Another grandmother was talking about how they wanted to remove her grandchild because she had a fly strip hanging up in her farm house and it had a couple of dead flies. I seen to much in the Aberdeen court to even list here.

Anonymous said...

I believe that when the children are "INTERIGATED" by CPS after they have been taken or even before. There should be an impartial party present protecting the childs rights and making sure what is said is documented appropriately. They are very well known for twisting words to suit their needs.

They should not be allowed to just show up at school to "INTERRIGATE" children without an impartial witness to what the child says.

Video tapes do not lie. I think that would be appropriate - Time & date stamped - with a line of custody.