Sunday, April 12, 2009

Three Shots, Three Hits


"The captain never gave up his men, " said the crew.
And the United States did not give up on the captain.

For years cruise ships loaded with civilian travelers have been directed hundreds of miles off charted routes to avoid possible pirate encounters. And the cost to shipping vessels should be noted as it is passed on to all of us. Ransoms are paid by private companies and insurance costs are high.

Protection through armed guards is a modern necessity. That is why we have armed escorts on air flights. We need to arm the vessels and then piracy will decline. Just ask an NRA member if the principle works. Hopefully, the decision of cooperation is not dependant on the impotent United Nations.

Three shots. Three hits. And, the boat was rocking! You gotta respect that. And, it was also a bulls eye for Obama.


Anonymous said...

As a US Air Force Veteran all I can say is, "You made me proud, boys, you made me proud."
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

I am happy that this story ended with the freedom and safe return of Captain Phillips. He is a true American hero for sacrificing his safety for the safety of the crew. While I don't mean to insert CPS into this; I only wanted to say the words "imminent danger" were used in this story. These are the same words used by the Child Pirate Services (CPS) to obtain court orders. Some of us know these words are used incorrectly and falsely by CPS. The captain in this story was in "imminent danger".

CC Tillett said...

Living through the hijacked era as a flight attendant and taught in training originally to be compliant with the terrorists.

Then after 911 training was revised drastically. Two 2 of our airplanes were hijacked and many of my friends died that fateful day.

How long will this great country and others allow this to continue?

We need a plan and quickly. Merchant Seaman need to take up arms for their own protection.

I was impressed by the quick resolve in any event.Now lets back it up!