Friday, April 17, 2009

Blackburn, Scotland...She has never been on a date and never been kissed

She has never been on a date and never been kissed. But can she sing!

She reminds you of the Julia Child of cooking fame but Susan sings. Discovered on the British version of "Idol" she has knocked the socks off the Internet world since her performance a few days ago.

When you look at Susan and hear her may be confronted with your own stereotyping. It is the oddity and curiosity of her voice vs visage that has drawn the attention. She has a beautiful voice but needs a trip to Extreme Makeover People Addition.

She really has nice features. Nice nose, smile, eyes. But, she needs serious work on her teeth. (Residing in Scotland she has socialized dentistry and you see the proof that that is a bad thing!) And, the eyebrows could be trimmed. And then there is the moustache.

The point is that society is shocked and then delighted that she is so talented. But, it is not her talent that has made her an instant interest. It is the polar extremes of appearance and talent that registers. She does not fit our desire to see something pretty along with the pretty voice.

Humans, by nature, favor in all ways...the beautiful, attractive, the accomplished. There are those that would have Susan "fixed up" and there are those that would take her as she is.

Use this sensual dichotomy to address your own biases. Get past the packaging. Thank you Susan.


infinite freedom said...

I learned many, many years ago, that there are so many who are nice on the eyes, but very ugly on the inside. And there are others who may not appear beautiful, but have the purest of all hearts.

I only judge a person by their actions, not their appearance. And I teach my boys to do the same.

Thank you dear Senator, and as we judge not by what is on the outside, let us not forget to do the same as we look into the mirror!

Anonymous said...

Susan Boyle, even Ken Schram had to notice her accolades.