Friday, July 31, 2009

U.S. Rep. Connie Mack Visits Honduras

I have been receiving information about Honduras from good people there trying to get the word out.

The United States continues to back the Marxist! The U.S. has taken away the visas of Honduran officials who went to the U.S. to lobby their position. The U.S. Ambassador is known in Honduras as a Zalaya friend and supporter. Zalaya is in the mountains between Nicaragua and Honduras trying to reenter the country.

The following was printed in the American Thinker:

"The Obama team waited until just after the visiting Republican House Congressional team, under ranking Western Hemisphere chair Connie Mack (R-FLA), had just departed Honduran airspace late on Sunday to commence its latest round of Chavez-pleasing activities to give the increasingly unpopular and clownish Zalaya proof of their allegiance to him and his ALBA bloc that he has been demanding before returning to Washington. Mack has stated that based on Congressional review, there was no coup, military or non military, in Honduras and that Zalaya must not be reinstated as president. The Republicans state that the Micheletti administration are not golpistas*. As the only U.S. Congressman to visit inside Honduras in the last month, Mack late Tuesday declared as "wrong" the "punishment" by the Obama team against lawful Hondurans who seek to maintain their democratic charter, the Honduran constitution and laws."

(*Golpistas...are worse than plotters of a coup..they take on a veneer of military dictatorial fascism with a venue of total criminality and lawless, venal anti-democratic behaviors void of rule of law. PR)

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charles said...

Senator Roach

I stumbled upon your blog today, and what fresh air it is for me, someone who lives in Honduras. I wish that I knew how to send you email, but just keep up the good work for Honduras. All Hondurans are asking for all people to PRAY for Honduras.

About the revoked U.S. visas: Today “The Herald” newspaper (El Heraldo) in Tegucigalpa reported the following (translated) comment by President Micheletti: Micheletti said that although he accepts the decision of the U.S., the U.S. should not continue to threaten citizens with visas revoked, although he has received "100 passports to be returned if they want."

Seems that standing up for what is true and right is more important than a visit to Disneyland for these Honduran Patriots…

God Bless Honduras
Charlie Stewart
Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras, C.A.