Wednesday, July 29, 2009

U.S. Ambassador Closes In On Hondurans Who Travel To Spread The Truth

Two more letters from Honduras. Maria, Bill, and Vivian (previous entry) do not know eachother.

Ms. Roach: I am sending you the article of which I sent the site yesterday. It is very good. However, things do not seem to be so good today here in Honduras. U.S. visas were cancelled to some persons in the present government. It is unfair. They did that at the request of Zelaya. It is unbelievable, since he asked in public media. Besides, the U.S. ambassador to Honduras , Mr. Hugo Llorens, Cuban American and a personal friend of Zelaya has threatened many people , businessmen and government officials. This is only diplomatic pressure, I know, but it is not correct, specially at this time when the "talks" are still pending. No one who does not live here can have any idea of all the corruption...millions and millions have been ilegally used by Zelaya and his administration, even in his wife's office.
It is clear it is not a Coup, the international community just does not want to understand, despite it being clear. Why are they all afraid to accept our truth, our fight for honesty and democracy?
All that keeps us going is FAITH.

And Cancels Diplomatic Visas of current Honduran Officials.
The U.S. State Department announced today that they had cancelled four U.S. Visas today for Hondurans who were members of the Micheletti Government, and announced that others were "being reviewed".

Zelaya had called on Washington to do this in recent days.

The move may appeal to certain segments of world population, but will hardly improve relations with Hondurans, about 90% of whom support the Micheletti administration.

Meanwhile, Zelaya announces that he'll enter Honduras somewhere in the remote mountainous area of Nicaragua, apparantly with visions of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara in mind.

I don't know how this strikes you, but if you feel anything like I do, it's time to raise your voice to Congress and the State Department.

From Tegucigalpa


P.S. All OK here today. We were in the center this morning, and everything seemed normal


Anonymous said...

So, who is the US Ambassador to Honduras and who appointed this person? Is he/she an Obama appointee? I think this is important to know.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...
Holy Cow, Senator. Look at the propaganda on this one. It looks like the Republican Party is trying to keep the riff raff out of South America but are getting outvoted. They are really in trouble down there and let the new Obama administration be the reason. Why would some of the Hondurans actually stick up for the leftists?