Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sin #4... At DSHS In Lilly's Case

Oops, I missed at least one.

#4 DSHS is required by law to seek placement with a relative if they remove a child from a home. In Lilly's case they did not do that!

DSHS put Lilly right with a under 30 single woman who signed up for a free child! They denied this child her legal right to stay with family. They denied the extended family the legal right to keep her.

I was the one who called the AG to inform them that the great-grandparents even existed. I was told about them from the maternal grandparents. DSHS never even asked! They broke the law...again.


Anonymous said...

What a shock!!!! They have laws? Sounds very similar to the Stuth Case. Will they ever get it right?

Stacy Trussell said...

This happened with us too. First, the girls were placed across the street at a neighbors and then after almost 2 months went to the homes chosen for them by the department. My sister-in-law repeatedly called the dept. but the calls were never returned. We still feel that the dept. will fight to the end to make sure the foster-adopt family can keep the little one. I`ve heard they are taking her to Oregon this weekend to meet all of her NEW family. You know the foster dad asked the vgal during a meeting how they could help our neice to cope with things and the vgal asked him "Do you know how to fix a broken heart?" The girls should have been with family until this was all worked out. But there was an agenda for the 3 year old and that`s been said to me many times by one of the attorney`s paralegals.

Anonymous said...

Missed one????? I'm sure MANY more have not even been fully announced to be addressed.