Thursday, July 23, 2009

Court Standing Granted To Lilly's Grandparents....ALL Of Them!

Today, Lilly's grandparents (who raised her until age 3 when she was taken) were granted their Motion to Intervene and now have standing in the case. They can be heard in court on all decisions relating to the child and they can petition the court for adoption. With standing they may also petition the court for other placement decisions, visitation, and other matters. They are officially a party to the case. (Cost for standing without my legislation: $25,000+)

The great-grandparents were also granted a Motion to Intervene. And, they will undoubtedly also petition for adoption as they have been encouraged by the department to do so. (Cost: $25,000+)

Today's round of applause:

Congratulations to the grandparents who have been lied about and thrown into a situation that never would have happened if the department had followed the law.

Congratulations to the great-grandparents without whose intervention Lilly would already have been adopted by the foster-adopt single woman on the waiting list for a blond three-year old girl. And, finally,

Congratulations to CPS without whose involvement a boat load of people would not have the billable hours to submit.

Note: This is the case where the young mother was told her daughter would be adopted by her parents if she terminated her parental rights. She did that. Then when the state moved in to give this toddler to the foster women the mother also petitioned to get the child back! That is on appeal. Least I forget,

Congratulations to the taxpayers who whether they know it or not paid for four attorneys at the mother's court hearing as on appeal she was entitled to a panel of attorneys.


Anonymous said...

Wicked Washington! May this child be returned to the Grandparents who raised her.

broken mother said...

I am writing for one of the first times ever. I am lilly's mother or terminated mother as the AG calls me. This day in court brought a smile to our familys face for the first time in many many long months. Yes i am appealing my rights. i was lied to in court and promissed my child lilly would go to my parents, who had raised her from birth, lilly is their world as much as she is mine. we love her. pam thank you so much for following this. IT NEEDS TO BE SOLVED. THEY ARE TAREING APART FAMILIES.