Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What American Investors In Honduras Are Saying

Here is what fellow Americans are thinking and doing in Honduras. This comes from American investors on the island of Roatan. I would like to pass this along.

From Coxen Hole, Roatan:
"There are a few of us that have a meeting with Hugo Llorens tomorrow afternoon in Tegucigalpa. Thanks for your support and wish us luck tomorrow!"

July 20, 2009

The Honorable Hugo Llorens,
U.S. Embassy
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Dear Mr. Ambassador:

As a foreign investor here in Honduras, I am compelled to write you about
the stance of the U.S. government regarding the transition of authority in
Honduras. I am concerned that the policy goals of the U.S. government
diverge radically from the interests of American investors here in Honduras
and from American interests in the region. These policies adversely affect
Hondurans from every walk of life.

In short, if Zelaya is allowed to return to power with Chavez supporting
him, we see NO future for American investment here and all of the
investments made here by both private citizens and the US government over
the last decades will have been wasted.

We implore you to stand and protect our interests as well as those of the
majority of Hondurans that support this action. Specifically, we ask that

1. Publically work to have Washington recognize the new government of
President Micheletti Bain.

2. Publicize the clear and obvious involvement of known communists and
enemies of the United States, Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega in attempting to
destroy democracy in Honduras, as they are doing in their countries.

3. Publicize the abundant information regarding Zelaya's unprecedented
corruption and criminal activity.

4. Stop threatening Honduras business people and politicians that their
US Visas will be rescinded if they don't support the US position.

5. Lift the travel warning for the Bay Islands immediately, and the rest
of the Honduras as soon as possible.

6. Travel to Roatan to meet with the American investment community early
next week to explain the US position.

Please know that we deeply concerned about the pathetic response of the US
Government to what has happened in our adopted home, and that we are ready
and proud to stand with the majority of Hondurans in defending democracy.


Paradise Computers, S.A.
Roatan's #1 Technology Provider Since 1997
Mango Tree Center
Coxen Hole, Roatan


philip said...

There are thousands or U.S. Citizens here as retirees or investors that need the support of Obama and Clinton to keep this country on the path to a REAL democracy. Many of the business owners here, both local and foreign, are suffering financially as the tourists have stopped coming due to exaggerated reports of violence by the international press. CNN, AP and others GET THE STORY RIGHT! I am living on Roatan and it is a great place to live, very safe and great people.

Al said...


I am also an American citizen living on Roatan who fully supports the ousting of Mel Zelaya. I know many many Hondurans who were fearful of losing their Democracy. We need the support of the US to keep this little country out of the hands of Chavez. Have a great day, RoatanAl@gmail.com.

P.S. if you email me I will send a report on the outcome of yesterdays meeting it was too large to send.

Anonymous said...

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