Sunday, July 5, 2009

In Tears...Freedom and Friends...The Two Things That Can Move You

No kidding. I am near tears about the potential loss of a democracy in Honduras. I will focus my efforts on what I can do to help. Right now...that is getting the doctor back to her country. She just made contact. We are going to send a car to her if she can get to the border.


Anonymous said...

Capitalism is clearly taught by Jesus. Those who do well with what they have get more and experience an increase. Those who bury their talents and refuse to invest or share, get nothing.
When Jesus asked the tax collector to come down from the tree, he clearly showed one important truth, and that is that while the above is true as in pertains to increase, one cannot make it their sole purpose for living. Bad priorities taint the soul.
This country and other countries are in trouble because they want an increase but have an unhealthy attitude about finances, hoarding, gathering, cheating, stealing, lying, to obtain wealth and costing lives in the process.
Marxism makes a promise it can never keep. Spiritual laws take precidence over man's laws always regardless of who is on the bench. Not following spiritual law has consequences.
Jan Smith

mgirl said...

Democracy is merely a step closer to Communism/socialism. Why do people forget that we are supposed to have a Republican form of government? Maybe they're too stupid to know better. (could be the deliberate dumbing down that happens in public schools and in the news...)