Friday, July 31, 2009

The U.S. Abandons And Covertly Attacks HN

"In his attempt to rule by mere brute power, Manuel Zelaya has brought strife to Honduras, and it is therefore particularly strange to see the man who currently occupies the American President's Office urge the lawful government of Honduras, and its lawful courts to submit to that brute."

> Kathleen Moore
> The Official Legal Challenge
> To North American Union

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Anonymous said...

It is because a brute has been elected into the presidential office and is part of an international effort to gain complete control of the populace. He would not nor will he ever go against Zelaya. Nor will the media who is predominately run by internationalists who support old school socialism and communism do anything but manipulate the truth. They believe they are special in both genetics and intellectualism - the top of the food chain so to speak and by their very birth are to be the sole heirs to the throne of rule.
This elitist club has no interest in freedom and democracy because they see both as a roadblock to the hoarding economic principles they want to apply. They are not happy with the trillions they have pocketed under capitalism. They want more. They want slaves whose purpose in life is to serve them for pennies.
It is ironic to me that a minority who will be cast away like dirt is so serving their purpose. When they are done with him, he will be nothing and treated as such.