Sunday, July 5, 2009

US Supports Marxist In Honduras

From an American living in Honduras. He has been there 20 years.

"When Hurricane Mitch hit Honduras in 1998, there was an outpouring of
international concern. It seems that the international community does not
yet understand the severe implications of the Zelaya-Chavez alliance. The
concern has only been about the "coup," as it has been seen, and not so much
about the danger the former government represented to the people of Honduras
nor the tremendous effect sanctions, etc., are going to have on the people.
The danger is more than that of Hurricane Mitch. If Mr. Zelaya returns,
there will, most likely, be many, many lives lost (no lives have been lost
yet). As well, the whole system here will be turned upside-down.
Unfortunately, it may be too late for the OAS to realize what they haven't
up until now."

This is a small portion of the message. It is really amazing how fast the Obama administration moved in to support the Marxist, Mel Zelaya. Honduras is a democratic country. Zelaya was over riding the constitution to conduct an unconstitutional election that was aimed at extending his constitutional 4 year term. The Honduran Supreme Court and national Congress said NO to his actions. And Zelaya was removed from office. Yes, he was whisked away at 3 AM and flown out of the country. But, he was constitutionally removed! The head of Congress (from Mel's OWN Party is now at the head of state.) Democracy is not what Zelaya and his friends from Venezuela and Cuba want. Now we have the US government rushing in to defend the despotic acts of Mel Zelaya.


Anonymous said...

I think Marxism is making a serious comeback among the ruling classes but it is based on the creation of cognitive dissonance and the overthrow of that ruling class. Interesting that they would try to sell it when you know darn well they don't believe a word of it.
Overthrowing a government in this CIA/Homeland security spy on everyone environment makes it really difficult to form any kind of defense or offense. They know this. I believe Obama is setting the stage for this and Bush before him lit the way. People are so lethargic when it comes to our freedoms following along blindly the course that is currently being built that will be the demise of all freedoms as we know it.
You and I will be in the closing part of our lives as the insanity of it all increases, but whoa the young families and children.
Jan Smith

Michael Crosby said...


What is going on with our government in the US? Why our we supporting dictators and giving a country like Israel a hard time?