Monday, July 27, 2009

10 Ways You Know It Is REALLY Hot Outside!

Number 10: Weather tops the local news.

Number 9: When touched, keys left on the dashboard burn your hand!

Number 8: Your pregnant daughter-in-law hugs a big sack of ice during dinner.

Number 7: You break out the fan you didn't know you had.

Number 6: You stay home from your granddaughter's last soccer game...that wasn't called because of heat.

Number 5: On the kitchen counter, the Hershey bars you bought for s'mores have melted.

Number 4: The phone doesn't is too hot to talk with me :o)

Number 3: Lacking a swimming walk out the door and pour a pitcher of water over your clothes.

Number 2: A constituent calls to tell you his well has run dry..... AND.....

The NUMBER 1 reason you know it is too warm .....Your husband volunteers to run the he can be in the air conditioned car.

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