Friday, July 24, 2009

Chavez Wants Honduran Drug Route OPEN

Eight weeks ago I was on a small transport being ferried between Cuyous Cochinos and La Cieba Honduras. For new readers...I hosted a group of optometrists to my NGO sites around Jutiapa. At that time a very large US Navy crusier was outside the small harbor. Its aim was to stem drug trafficking that has been on the rise since Mel Zalaya took office. The following article was sent to me from Honduras.

Translated and in synopsis this is an article written by an English reporter, Michael Garret.
To sum it up he says the main reason Chavez is working so hard on this is not because of potential oil reserves in Northern Honduras that he would be able to exploit, or trying to push his socialist movement on the rest of South America. The reason is because of the drug trafficking. If Zelaya is gone, the drug trafficking routes will be shut down, and right now that is how Chavez is funding his socialist movement. It is a key route where nearly all of the drugs from Columbia and Bolivia come from. It then goes to the Mexican cartels and then on to the U.S.

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Anonymous said...

I just read that Chavez is trying shut down all the media in Valenzuela who oppose him in any way.