Sunday, July 5, 2009

Honduran Drama And Helping My Honduran Dr. Friend

Good friend Dr. Edna helping me deliver things to a school in Honduras last year. Now she needs my help! And...I will help her!

I am receiving emails from Honduras from my own friends both Honduran and American...and from the friends of others that are, likewise, in Honduras. They are desperate to get the word in the American press regarding what is really happening.

My Friend, Dr. Edna, Can't Get Back To Honduras!

Dr. Edna is one of my good friends and is a Honduran doctor. She just got her license and does not yet have a job. It was my hope to have her work at a new clinic near La Cieba.

Edna left Honduras and now can't get back in. She flew to Guatemala City (yes, I have been there) and for 3 days she has been unable to get a plane to Tegucigalpa. She has a ticket! No service for her and many others.

I called a wonderful friend, Mary Frenter, from SW Washington State. She has a ministry in Honduras just across the border from Guatemala. Dr. Edna is six months pregnant and now has only $10 USD...and is in Guatemala. Mary and I are going to get Edna back to Honduras and help her. If the doctor can just get a bus into Honduras...Mary's orphanage will house the doctor and put her to work. I will stake much of this and am happy to do so. This whole thing may change the location of my clinic!

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strawberryblonde said...

How can I assist you in getting Dr. Edna home?