Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lilly's Mother Comments On Blog

Here for the first time...Lilly's' MOTHER speaks out.
"I am writing for one of the first times ever. I am Lilly's mother or "terminated mother" as the AG calls me. This day in court brought a smile to our family's face for the first time in many, many long months. Yes I am appealing my rights. I was lied to in court and promised my child, Lilly, would go to my parents, who had raised her from birth. Lilly is their world as much as she is mine. We love her. Pam thank you so much for following this. IT NEEDS TO BE SOLVED. THEY ARE TEARING APART FAMILIES." (Lilly's Mom)

STATUS: Standing has been granted by the court to Lilly's maternal grandparents and also to the deceased father's grandparents (Lilly's great-grandparents) who stepped in to regain family placement after the maternal grandparents lost the child because of a bunch of lies in a home study. (The home study called them thieves who lived in a home without heating.) The child was removed from the grandparents because of this study.

DSHS tells young mothers when they are asked. "Yes, you terminate your rights and your mom can adopt her! You can have the chance to get an education and you know your child will be better with the parents who raised you. This way everyone is happy...and you will be able to even see your child grow and develop." ETC.

DSHS and the Attorney General have no intention of giving the child back to the mother even though they used false pretenses to get her into the system and lined up for adoption. There are a lot of problems in this case. But, we need to go back to the first problem and get it corrected. Since the state lied to the mother to get the child...the mother should have the child returned to her!


Anonymous said...

Much love and support for this whole family. We too know the heartache of CPS. Will they ever be held accountable for the crap they do? When will they have to follow the law?

Anonymous said...

"Since the state lied to the mother to get the child...the mother should have the child returned to her! "

Umm..shouldnt the interests of the child come before the interests of the adults regardless of how stupid, illegal or ignorant the State acts?

Andi said...

No illegal act by the state should be rewarded, Anonymous. No more than you or I would be rewarded for committing a crime.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous; A parent, grandparent, aunt speaking up to accept responsibility for a child IS wanting to act "in the best interest of the child". It is you "$DULT$ that can't accept this!!

Anonymous said...

"Umm..shouldnt the interests of the child come before the interests of the adults regardless of how stupid, illegal or ignorant the State acts?"
This belief has given license to absolute corruption and a method by which children can be removed and adopted out. You are quoting beliefs expanded upon by a book entitled "Before the Best Interest of the Child" who encouraged sociopathic governing allowing the tragic destruction of the family.
Families are a system and each individual is a part of that whole. While a child's safety must be considered, to hold all aspects of the three dimensions above the family system as the only consideration is a misnomer. We thrive or abase as a unit. We are connected as a unit. There are metaphysical forces at work that the state does not have the power to completely destroy. There is an authority that is above the state and spiritual law is being trampled upon.

Anonymous said...

I agree that as the "voluntary" relinguishment of the mother's parental rights was obtained under false pretenses that the mother's rights should be restored.

I am nearly certain that there MUST be case law regarding this.

Anonymous said...

I am genuinely sickened and thoroughly disgusted that I can turn on the news (MSNBC) and they can talk about "GAY ADOPTION" and yet nobody cares about who gave BIRTH, nobody cares about who are the RELATIVES, nobody cares about who are the GRANDPARENTS! What is WRONG with people?

Anonymous said...

Any couple who was forced to relinquish their parental rights to a foster/adopt couple should have their parental rights reinstated or if they were under the pretense that it would be an "open adoption".

Anonymous said...

This situation is one more reason to make sure that state signs what they propose.

It would also be good Dear Senator if we could get passed into law that EVERY meeting DSHS has with parents gets taped. Save us taxpayers a whole lot of money.

They are liars by nature. Time to stop the money machine.