Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pam Roach Exoneration In Print

Tri-City Herald
Wed. July 1, 2009

- An October 2008 complaint alleging Sen. Pam Roach, R-Auburn, violated ethics laws by releasing confidential information about someone who made a complaint against her was dismissed.

Roach reportedly had been trying to help grandparents of a child who had been placed in foster care and posting about the situation in her personal, non-legislative blog. The foster mother complained that Roach had slandered her and made personal attacks in the blog. The foster mother also claimed personal information about her had been revealed, although Roach never said her name.

The board found that while Roach had used her office to advocate for the grandparents in court and with the Department of Social and Health Services, her actions didn’t violate state laws. The board also found that disclosure of any of the foster mother’s personal information did not violate ethics laws.

(Dear Readers: This was in regards to the foster woman in the Stuth Case. We won this one and I now have some wonderful friends in the Stuths and their family. We are family!)


Anonymous said...

Rock on Pam! Bout time someone had their eyes open!!!

Lovingfitfather said...

Congratulations Senator you are an inspiration to all.
The notion that families should be terminated is archaic and barbaric.
Our Children's Adminisration ignores all relevant supporting statistics simply to contrive an industry that has proven for many years to be four times worse than the disease it portends to cure.
One of the first devises used against families is that they are self-serving, well rightfully so...
CPS is overwhelmingly also self serving, but with tragic consequences versus the positive outcomes of intact families.

Anonymous said...

Now how do you hold her accountable for this slandarous complaint? Do yuo feel she was put up to it from the start? And if so by who? And how much did this little "investigation" cost the taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

Senator Roach,

This is wonderful. What can you suggest for families who have already lost a child to a foster/adopt couple and there was wrongdoing by CPS? What can you suggest to the community as to how they can help?

Hope said...

I am more interested in how this "poorly paid" foster parent could obtain legal counsel to file a complaint with the Ethics Board.

Do you know Carol Strayhorne, 2004, Texas State Comptroller, and author of the Forgotten Children's Report?

Both of you are very strong and outspoken people who truly care about the children.

What a team you two would make!~