Thursday, July 23, 2009

Guess The Gender...Guess The Age

As just mentioned, I received a phone call today. A grandfather is desperate to get his grandchild. The father is unknown (and therefore out of the picture) and the mother has some drug problems that she is working out. The grandfather is employed though not wealthy. He is a man without criminal record... and he loves and wants to care for the "baby," his grandchild.

Quiz time for readers:

Based on what we have learned:

What is the gender of the child?
And, what is the age of the child?
PS...Now that he has stepped forward to care for the child...CPS has told him he can no longer have any conversations with his daughter! Here They Come!!! They will hunker down and do anything they can to keep the child. They will exhaust all


Anonymous said...

What a nightmare! Have you gone to Nancy Grace (she happens to HATE CPS with a passion)or any other larger news casters on a National level Pam?

Anonymous said...

Girl, under 3, caucasian

Anonymous said...

Been there.......may NOONE have mercy on CPS's soul!

Anonymous said...

This is manipulation-clearly. Isn't this actionable?

Anonymous said...

any race,good looking, gender does not matter, under 3 years old.

they simply nab these kids that are marketable.
If you are in the apple business you must have apples
If you are in the child business you must have children
Business is business
Pretty sad!