Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Hannah Arrived This Morning In Enumclaw, WA

Update. Hannah arrived at 4 this morning..20" and 7 lbs 1 oz. We are thrilled that everyone is doing well. I am babysitting 5 grandkids right now! What a beautiful day for fun.

Tomorrow we are having a Princess Party...! Yes, and our very special guests will be the Stuths and their wonderful granddaughter. We will have fun. And we will celebrate the liberation of at least one that CPS and the system went after!

DATED MUCH EARLIER THIS MORNING....Well, we put the plan into action. The call was made just after midnight to Dan. He is 5 minutes away from Dave's house. Dan arrived. Dave and his wife then drove to the hospital. Husband Jim showered and out the door he went to relieve Dan. Jim will be at the house when the older kids get up in the morning.

Hannah is coming tonight! I emailed family in Germany and Qatar. They are up right now. I have grandkids here tonight so I will be sound asleep when all this happens :o)


strawberryblonde said...

Whoo, Hoo... hope she takes after you!
The world needs people who will stand up for right, fight against the status quo and defend liberty.

Anonymous said...

Another sweet smelling baby arrives. All this time I thought you had an in with Hanna Montana.

Silly me.