Thursday, July 16, 2009

DSHS Get It Wrong?...DSHS Doesn't Care And Is Not Held Accountable

Any normal person who commits a wrong will apologize and try to make it right. And, the law will back up that sense of decency. It has been that way for thousands of years. In fact, the "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," is part of the Judeo-Christian ethic that is embodied in our secular law.

But, the legislature and past governors have decided that the law is not something that we will apply to the illegal government taking of children. The law is there. The legislative intent is there. But, the system will not follow the law. It will certainly not punish itself...only protect and guard the unrestrained powers it has. Unrestrained...because no one...not the Attorney General...not the head of DSHS...nor the governor...will hold the Department of Social and Health Services accountable to the law! And, neither will the legislature!
A bill with sanctions for those within government who steal children would never pass our state legislature!

Makes you wonder what trade offs are being made to have everyone turn a cold cheek. A lot of friends are making money...getting free kids...I guess.

Even in the rare case where the Office of Risk Management pays out claims to wronged families...nothing changes within the bureaucracy to make it follow the law! Bureaucrats are not in business to give up power. Power is a real turn on for some people.


Stacy Trussell said...

Dear Senator, It does sound like you have others following your lead with trying to get things changed. We can only pray that Secretary Susan Dreyfus will make these people start following the laws. I think if they are found to be the cause of a situation like ours, they should lose their job and never be able to work with children again. There were no policies or procedures followed with us from the time the girls came to us starting with no relative home study or placement agreement. For me to realize they basically have a list of foster-adopt families waiting for a child to come along meeting their specifications is disgusting and how much do they really care when there is no regard to the child`s feeling from the beginning? I`m surprised that dshs hasn`t come up with a child shelter like choosing a puppy from a pound. Oh yeah, just a heads up, there may possibly be another child taken tomorrow from the only family he`s ever known. What a surprise!! From the Everett Dept. and oh yeah, the child is 3 years old.

Anonymous said...

Laws need to be do we go about it?

Anonymous said...

Laws do need to be changed! What we really need to address is congress in Washington D.C., and put a STOP to the federal funding that goes to dshs for EVERY child they keep in foster care. dshs doesn't get federal funding if that child remains with a family member. Last year alone Washington State recieved roughly fifteen million dollars in federal funding. That doesn't include the social security dshs files for these kids as well. If the federal funding was in place to support family members over foster care, you would see alot more of these kids and families preserved. It's no wonder children in foster care has increased 350% since this federal bill was passed in 1998. This bill was passed to HELP the children! NOT to help a corupt state agency supplement their spending habits with OUR children!