Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yeah. I'm Afraid...And The United States Is Supporting A Dictator..Several.

Just in from Honduras, Sunday 2:45 PM
This is from a contact:

"Thanks for your prayers and concern. Mel Zelaya (ex-president of Honduras) was redirected to El Salvador. In the press conference afterwards, the interim president of Honduras explained that this was done to avoid confrontation and loss of life here. He has repeated several times that Mel Zelaya will be arrested once he sets foot in Honduras (which could cause, of course, chaos). As well, Nicaraguan troops are moving towards the Honduras border. The president explained that they are small groups but that they are moving towards the border. He also said that he believes the troop movement is intended to place psychological pressure and continue to keep Honduras subjected to uncertainty and fear (which paralyzes the country, of course). He asked President Ortega (of Nicaragua) to respect the no-intervention policy of the OAS. Of course, Honduras is counting on the OAS and the U.S. to speak out against Ortega’s actions as well as the threats that have been made by Chavez as both go against the no-intervention policy."

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