Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Horse Sense Here...

A couple of years ago I sponsored a bill into law that made it illegal to commit animal cruelty by having sex with one....Here is the same guy that "inspired" the law. Believe it or not...there were many who opposed the bill. At the time I never knew how the King County Case was resolved.

The man who made international news in 2005 after videotaping another man's fatal sex act with a horse in Enumclaw has been charged with animal cruelty in Tennessee, according to KOMO/4.

The sheriff in Columbia, Tenn., said James Michael Tait, 58, was having sex with horses, our television news partner reports. A farm owner there was also was charged with animal cruelty.

Police said four years ago Tait videotaped another man having sex with a horse on the Enumclaw farm. That man later died of internal injuries suffered during the act.

After pleading guilty to trespassing in King County, James Michael Tait received a suspended jail sentence but had to pay $778 in fines and court costs. A King County District Court judge also ordered that he serve eight hours of community service.

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gorillamum said...

A friend of mine in Tennesse called me and told me about it when he did this again. I think they should get the same sentence as a rapist. This is beyond sick. It is rape of an animal no matter how officials want to word it. It is what is is. I hope someday the lawmakers in this country learn how to make "REAL" laws that actually work. We may be a young country, but that is no excuse. I sat next to Norm Malenge (not sure I spelled that right) when I testified at the Pasado hearings. He knew about my phobia and was wonderful holding my hand with his other arm around me. I really miss Norm.