Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thanks To CPS...Family Sparks Fly

OK...I think there has been enough of the arguing.

Please allow me to reset the story line.

The state of WA lied to the mother. She signed termination papers because she and her parents believed CPS when told that if she signed the papers that Madison (Lilly) would be adopted by Grandma Bari.

Hello. The state lied...grabbed the child...and put her in the home of a non-relative for adoption. They lied to the mother and they lied repeatedly about the grandparents. That is the point of this blog account. Many children are being killed under CPS watch...and many are being wrongly taken from families. Remember that the original issue here was stealing Madison and giving her to a single under 30 woman who became a foster adopt "parent" to get a very specific child: blond, blue-eyed, 3 year-old, non drug affected girl.

Again...was that right? And if it was not right should the child go back to her mother (who is doing very well) or the Grandma Bari who raised her? Or, to the great grandma whose political connections really DID save Madison from a quick out of family adoption? I am bored of the arguing. Let's address the issue.

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Anonymous said...

I can tell you from personal experience that CPS works hard to steal children to adopt out, then work at pitting family members agaisnt each other. They lie, and destroy families all for the love of money. Like police officers who have to write a certain amount of tickets to meet their quota, CPS has to meet their quotas. Anyone know how much they might get in bonus money for going over their quota? This agency is supposed to help children and their families, not destroy. There is a very rare disease in my family. I went misdiagnosed for over 30 years. These foster parents who do not even get to know the childs medical history let alone family members. Why isn't there a class action suit being filed against this agency?